Understand Triggers

Understand Triggers

Have you done the research to Understand Triggers? Chris and Charles tell you what triggers are and how to understand triggers in your marketing in #SEOPodcast 311 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chris:                  3.


Chuck:                Affinity. I was like man, affinity! Cool word and I know what that means too, but he goes on to say the editorial tone of your site should confirm (to a degree) and validate your visitors’ sense of belonging. Affinity, what does it really say?


Chris:                  We talk about this regularly, yes.


Chuck:                Yeah, do they belong here, are they in the right spot, are you communicating the message the way they need to hear it, the way they’re accustomed to hearing it, right? Or do they feel out of place.


Chris:                   Or have you written it in old English.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  Have you written it in Harvard, whatever that means.


Chuck:                Have you written it in ebonics, have you written this in slang, have you written this in first person, have you written it in third person, is it too urban, is it too corporate, understand who your visitor is.


Chris:                  Affinity, I like that.


Chuck:                Affinity, great word. Punch I’m the face for choosing that. The concept here is to speak the right lingo, choose the right colors, have the right design, have the right functionality for your target audience. If your target audience is millenials, and the bulk of your visits happen on mobile devices, then speak to them.


Chris:                  Make sure you paid separately.


Chuck:                But speak to them in that fashion, you know, short sentences, smaller words, because frankly, they have a short attention span. It’s kind of how that works. Maybe your target audience is baby boomers, and they tend to use Bing and IE for some strange reason, and they’re Windows users and they’re also on desktop. Okay, then at this point, you may want to go with short paragraphs, you may want to go with complete sentences because this is how they tend to absorb content. Oh that’s the Facebook group.


Chris:                  Oh okay. I was kind of like —


Chuck:                …some messaging?


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                So they key is speaking to the right audience, with the right message on your landing page, making sure that they feel like they’re in the right spot. Worst thing to ever do is plan on something, go there, and when you get there, you’re like I am in the wrong spot.


Chris:                  This is not what I thought.


Chuck:                Exactly. And that happens on your site a lot. If you’ve got a high bounce rate, then chances are either you’re really converting really, really well, or your affinity really, really sucks. One of the 2.


Chris:                  Or caught in the middle.


Chuck:                Which kind of falls into affinity.


Chris:                  Yeah, definitely.


Chuck:                Number 4.


Chris:                  4.


Chuck:                Reciprocity. Like the art of reciprocating. He says that studies have shown that even a small token gesture will often motivate the recipient to return the gift with a disproportionately large reciprocation. Oh my God! What does that mean, it means that usually when you get something away free and they accept it, then they kind of feel that they have to return the favor.


Chris:                  And they’re willing to do bigger than what you did.


Chuck:                Than what you did, exactly. Especially if they perceive great value from what you gave them, so that’s why you can’t just start churning out garbage content and garbage e-guides and kind of crappy stuff. Put some thought into it, put some work behind it so there can actually be some value, and then give it away free. Give it away free, and the key thing here is when you give it away free is make sure that your marketing is listed up right, so when they go to your site and they do get that away free, they do end up on some mailing list, they do end up on your audience lust, and so now, as you begin to market to them later, with actual paid products, then they have a higher likelihood of buying that from you because they already took something free from you.


Chris:                  They feel they need to reciprocate.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  5.


Chuck:                Number 5. Social proof. I like this one. They go on to say that for social proof to be an effective aspect of our web design, we need large numbers of people acting in a certain way, and we need those people to be as much like us as possible. What does that mean with social proof? Yeah, you need to display your social proof. If you have your Facebook shares, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, retweets, your subscriber counts, your reviews, testimonials, all of that kind of stuff was social proof. People need social proof to make decisions these days, which is one of the reasons why we tend to use the Facebook page plug-in on all of our sites. Why? Because the plug-in does a great job of showing you your friends that have liked that page. So that way, when people visit your website that we happened to build for you, if any of their friends have liked you on Facebook, then their pictures will show up, it kind of increases the engagement.


Chris:                  More engagement, more likely to buy, trust factor.


Chuck:                Like okay, my people  like this. 10 of my friends have liked this page, awesome.


Chris:                  I should like it too.


Chuck:                I should like this page.


Chris:                  Engage.


Chuck:                Or even more, may even contact one of them. Hey, I know that you liked them, I’m thinking about buying something from them, how is that experience?


Chris:                  What do you think?


Chuck:                Exactly. So social proof is a huge deal for getting conversions on your landing page. last one. Number 6.


Chris:                  6.


Chuck:                They say don’t defy convention, right? Don’t defy convention. And what they say about that is you know, make every element on that page as familiar as possible. We talk about this all the time, and frankly, at one point, we even got.


Chris:                  Punch in the face for that.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  That’s a punch, another punch, an upper cut.


Chuck:                Over the top, all of that. Because what happens is, a lot of times, people want to do something extremely cool. extremely different, off the charts different, which is great. I’m not crapping on creativity at all, but at the same time, people look for certain conventions, they look for logos here, they look for phone numbers there, they look for certain stuff above the fold, they look for on a mobile device a menu bar, like they just look for these things, a consistent easy menu. So the point is, don’t lose that, don’t try to be too creative where you’re really, really cool, and really, really not functional. Because then, you really, really get a high bounce and you really, really won’t grow. Instead, got to stick to name and conventions, you’ve got to do what people are expecting to see. Ain’t nothing wrong with doing it better, ain’t nothing wrong with making your menu faster, making it look a little different, we’re talking about where it is, and how people use it. Functionality is the key here. Don’t change from that. So keep it consistent, and I’ll say this, menus, quack functionality, page layout, things like that, responsiveness, those are the things you need to kind of keep consistent because people have a certain level of expectation.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Dude. The AdVenture Media Group, great article. Punch in the face to you guys. 6 Quick Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates.


Chris:                  Awesome. Do we have any “what!”?


Chuck:                Oh! Do I have some “what!” news?


Chris:                  You do.


Chuck:                Oh yeah. I do go some “what!” news.


Chris:                  We have some “what!”


Chuck:                No, it wasn’t “what!”, it was like…


Chris:                  We have some “really!” —


Chuck:                …news. Yeah. So this “really!” news goes to Jeb Bush, and you guys probably know this, “jebbush.com”, that’s the domain name that he’s been using for years for all of the things he has campaigned for and run for, and currently, potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush, didn’t renew his domain name. Not only did he not renew is, as much as I dislike Trump, punch in the face to Donald Trump and his team for being aware that this domain name has expired. Not only did they buy it, they redirected it to their site. So a couple ways he could have done it. If I was him, being the ultimate douche he is, I’m surprised he didn’t put up a whole other site.


Chris:                  About the bad stuff about Bush.


Chuck:                About all of the candidates under his domain name. That’s probably what I would have done if I was him. Or redirecting it actually had the better SEO value which I think why he probably had a team or agencies, like you know what? He’s been using this in, so all his link juice, everybody who’s linking to Jeb Bush, including the Government and everything, the Bush’s do, just redirect all of this link juice from link authority to “donaldjtrump.com”


Chris:                  Wow! And we were just talking about how Google can impact a presidential candidate.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  You type presidential candidates, the first one that shows up, most people are going to give a little credibility to.


Chuck:                Yeah. So punch in the face ironically to the Trumps for being aware and taking advantage of the opportunity.


Chris:                  Kick in the shin.


Chuck:                Kick in the shin to you.


Chris:                  That’s like a full month. So the site is down for a full month before anything can happen.


Chuck:                Yeah, you get time, you’ve got some emails, somebody on your squad has got some emails. Hopefully, it wasn’t one of the people he let go. But somebody got an email that said hey, this domain name is expiring, dah, dah, dah… you need to renew it, and if it was GoDaddy you got that email like every day for the last week. So yeah.

Chris:                  That’s crazy.


Chuck:                Got to do better.


Chris:                  I think this is the first kick in the shins and punch in the face, like related incidence.


Chuck:                Yeah, that’s like literally a presidential punch in the face and a presidential kick in the shin. Like come on.


Chris:                  Alright. Hey, if you’re looking to grow your business with the largest…


Chuck:                By the way, let me just say this, if you can’t renew your domain name, you’re probably not ready to run the country.


Chris:                  Yeah. I mean, it’s hard not to think that. If you can’t put the right team together to do that.


Chuck:                To renew your domain name.


Chris:                  Alright. If you’re looking to grow your business with the largest simplest marketing tool on the planet.


Chuck:                The internet.


Chris:                  Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, that’s somebody who’s interested in internet marketing, web design, even consulting; send them to us, they pay their bill, we pay you. We’ve got a good referral program. Remember this show was filmed live at 5999, West 34th Street, suite 106, Houston, Texas 77092. A transcript and video of this podcast are available on our website eWebResults.com. Hey you guys have made us the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes, you guys are engaging with us socially.


Chuck:                We appreciate it.


Chris:                  You guys are writing reviews, asking questions.


Chuck:                Send us some more questions, send us some more questions.


Chris:                  Yeah, more questions will be good.


Chuck:                And reason being, because we’re working on another project that we want to offer, where you guys can really log in and get some exclusive content and things like that. So send us questions, the type of questions you’ll be interested in learning, or questions you just wanted to ask.


Chris:                  If you wanted access to exclusive content, what will that exclusive content be?


Chuck:                Yeah, exactly.


Chris:                  Because we can put together almost anything. That’s the end of the podcast, until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.


Chuck:                Charles Lewis.


Chris:                  Bye-bye for now

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