Use Emotional Triggers to Enhance Your CTAs

Use Emotional Triggers to Enhance Your CTAs

Do you Use Emotional Triggers to Enhance Your CTAs? Chris and Charles talk about how to use emotional triggers to enhance your CTAs in #SEOPodcast 312 on Podomatic and YouTube.


2016-02-26 Podcast 312




Chris:                  Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.


Chuck:                I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results Advocate.


Chris:                  Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast, this is podcast number —


Chris & Chuck:  …3-1-2.


Chris:                  Also known as 312.


Chuck:                It’s like right before 313.


Chris:                  Alright, before 313. As always, we do have a tip from our previous podcast, and our tip is use emotional triggers to enhance your CTAs.


Chuck:                Anytime you can add emotion like, I don’t know, fear of missing out or while supplies last, you’ll likely increase your click-throughs, take advantage.


Chris:                  The tip. Alright, please remember, we are filming live from Houston, Texas, and we are your friendly local neighborhood —


Chris & Chuck:  …Top Position Snatchers.


Chris:                  And our mantra is —


Chuck:                …do not be a douche.


Chris:                  Don’t be a douche, it’s a really bad look for you.


Chuck:                Yeah, like it’s really not a good look.


Chris:                  It looks like you’ve got 2 articles today, that makes me a little nervous.


Chuck:                No, it’s actually 1 article, one article man! I want to give a punch in the face to Alex, Alex Bashinsky, he says 9 Reasons Your Email Marketing Campaign Failed And How To Fix It.


Chris:                  Okay.


Chuck:                So we’ll check out these 9 reasons and see what he’s talking about.


Chris:                  We all have an email marketing campaign that has failed.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  So we’ll kind of cross reference those. Hey, if you are in a position to, and you have some sort of electronic device.


Chuck:                Device, or I don’t know, a watch maybe or something like that, make sure you tweet us, tweet us using the #SEOPodcast, this is number 312. Tag us in it @BestSEOPodcast @eWebResults. That way, we can follow you back and do all of our social networking stuff.


Chris:                  Excellent. So if this is the first time you’ve listened to our podcast, howdy?


Chuck:                Welcome.


Chris:                  Welcome to the podcast, we are glad you could join us.


Chuck:                Glad to have you.


Chris:                  And if you’ve listened to this podcast before, you know what we are about to skip. We barely made it on one of our platforms. They were all low except for one that really kind of stood out. So basically, what we do is we’ll tell you how to leave us a review if we don’t get a review and if we don’t get at least 10 shikes or shikos.


Chuck:                Yeah, 10 shikos.


Chris:                  Yeah, shikos, share, like and follows, or follows, it’s probably like “or”.


Chuck:                No, it’s “and”, that includes a whole different platform.


Chris:                  So if we get 10 shikos across the platforms individually, on a platform, and we get a review.


Chuck:                Then we skip this next part.


Chris:                  We’ll skip that part. So we’re going to skip it. We’re just going to get right to it, we will tell you how you can shiko us though.


Chuck:                Yeah, definitely.


Chris:                  It’s really easy.–


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  All of those will actually get you to a place where you can shiko us.


Chuck:                Yeah, and by the way LinkedIn, you all should have that automatically redirect if somebody happens to leave company out. Just saying.


Chris:                  Yeah. Hey, if you are a PHP genius or a WordPress guru, we’re probably looking for you. Go ahead and submit an audio résumé 713-510-7846. If you’re interested in a free website analysis, it’s not just a free website analysis, it’s a comprehensive website analysis.


Chuck:                Yeah, very intuitive, very comprehensive, extremely long, it actually is so intuitive and comprehensive that it requires a phone call first.


Chris:                  We talk about.


Chuck:                Just so we can identify what your challenges are, what you’re looking to accomplish, and then, analyze your site to see how close you are to that goal or how far you are away from that goal.


Chris:                  And if you want one of those, all you have to do is go to our website and you will find a place to submit for your free website analysis. It’s not time for the favorite segment of the program, —


Chris & Chuck:  The Algorithm Cataclysm, pfftttt…


Chuck:                Our Periscope people even got that.


Chris:                  Yeah, I think they got a little shake up there.


Chuck:                So they got a little bit of that as well. So dig this Algo Cat, this is probably on a 10-point rector scale, this is only rated 9.2, right? I think this is huge.


Chris:                  That’s assuming true rector exponential scale.


Chuck:                Yeah, exactly, and reason this is so big is because again, this particular Algorithm Cataclysm today affects the search engine results page, right? So we all know the basic search engine page, right? 3 ads across the top, 9 ads down the side, another 3 paid ads at the bottom, 3 pegged local pack, 10 organic listings in the middle, right? Like 23 listings on the first page of that search result.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                Not anymore.


Chris:                  Not anymore!


Chuck:                Really sucks for all our paid ads and sponsored ads in regards to Google AdWords. They are removing the whole right column. Let me say that again, they are removing the whole right column of sponsored ads


Chris:                  The whole thing, yes.


Chuck:                The whole thing. Now, what this actually does do, there’s a couple of things. There’s some pros and cons to both. Some of the pros are only for people who are selling products, right? So if you are selling products and you’re using PLAs or those product listing ads, then you’re in Google Merchant Center and all of that, then they’ve actually created more space to feature more products and get faster click-throughs for you. So punch in the face to you, that’s going to work out well. However, if you are not selling products and maybe you’re using that for just say lead generation, like you’ve got forms and you need people to call, that sucks, because now, you’re limited to the top 3, maybe 4, depending on search volumes.


Chris:                  Yes, that’s competitive enough, there’s a 4th.


Chuck:                There’s a 4th, and you’re competing for those top 3 or 4, and then maybe the bottom 3. Yeah, that’s going to be tough.


Chris:                  And then page 2.


Chuck:                Exactly, and not just that, here’s the other con. The other con is that by doing 4-type results and then no local listings, those organic results are no longer above the fold. Now you have to scroll to even see the organic listings.


Chris:                  Yeah, every now and then, you’ll see an organic above the 3 pack.


Chuck:                Only if it’s in the knowledge graph, that’s the only time I’ve seen it. If it’s a knowledge graph result, then they’ll be above the 3-pack.


Chris:                  I remember I’d see it every now and then, like okay, there’s a couple above, but I haven’t seen it in a while.


Chuck:                Yeah. All our people out there using AdWords and doing paid ads, now is the time to check that landing page, get that quality score up, really focus on your budget because it’s going to be a lot more difficult to get that paid traffic. In fact, it’s going to cost more.


Chris:                  Prices are going to go up.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  And you better have a great website.


Chuck:                Be running a great website, have a very lean campaign and be managing it.


Chris:                  Yeah. Anything, do you have any PITFs or anything you want to go over, any news?


Chuck:                I do have some news.


Chris:                  Let’s do my news, it tends to be less focused first, and it’s only 2. So the first one is like, there are creating no-selfie zones in India, and this is like on cliffs.


Chuck:                Oh of course.


Chris:                  Because people have fallen off cliffs doing the selfie. Oh man! That would suck.


Chuck:                That’s your last picture.


Chris:                  Yeah, wow. It better be a good picture.


Chuck:                The last picture was like “ahh….”


Chris:                  Maybe you hold it, you get a whole bunch of good pictures.


Chuck:                Or you just get some video, say your last words.


Chris:                  That was not bright, that was not the brightest thing I’ve ever done. Then also, Facebook is bringing live video streaming.


Chuck:                Yeah, I’ve tried it already, it’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of radio stations doing it now, and you know, what it is, my belief is that that is Facebook’s attempt at staying competitive with like Periscope and these other live stream features. So they’re doing what they’ve got to do, and really, what they’re doing, they’re doing a great job of encouraging more businesses to make Facebook as one of their main platforms for marketing on.


Chris:                  Yeah, they are.


Chuck:                So versus, just kind of going there default for socially, you can really run your marketing campaign through Facebook depending on what your industry is.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                So with those kind of features, they help and do that.


Chris:   Cool! So you’ve got some news.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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