#SEOPodcast286 – Use Secondary Key Phrases to Add Content to your Existing Optimized Pages

#SEOPodcast286 - E-Webstyle

Should you Use Secondary Key Phrases to Add Content to your Existing Optimized Pages?  Find out as Chris and Charles discuss how to use secondary key phrases to add content to your existing optimized pages in #SEOPodcast286 on YouTube and Podomatic.

2015-08-14 Podcast 286




Chris:               Hi, and welcome to the SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Chuck:             Hi, I’m Charles Lewis, your Internet Marketing specialist.


Chris:               Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. This is not just SEOs. This is also Internet marketing and content marketing and —


Chuck:             All of that.


Chris:               — all that good stuff. As always, we do have a tip from our previous podcast, and the tip from our previous podcast is use secondary key phrases to add content to your existing optimized pages.


Chuck:             Yeah, definitely. Any time you’ve got pages that are ranking and those pages are getting traffic, well, then you should try to improve those pages so you can convert more visitors, get more traffic and those things. How do you do that? Or what’s a great way to do that? Well, see what secondary phrases that you could actually go in and re-optimize this page for, phrases that are consistent and relevant to the same topic and the content on that page. How do you do that? Maybe take your analytics. Find some secondary phrases. Look at your queries report. Figure out what other phrases that are similar that you’re also getting some rank for then go in, optimize those pages for those phrases.


Chris:               Makes sense.


Chuck:             Makes sense.


Chris:               Very simple. Hey, remember, we are broadcasting live here from Houston, Texas. We are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers, and our mantra is..


Chuck:             Don’t be a douche.


Chris:               Hey, we’re going to ask — well, we’ve got a little article today. What are we talking about today?


Chuck:             Yeah, so a punch in the face to Jayson DeMers and the good guys at Search Engine Land. He says, “Six Local SEO Stats Every Online Marketer Needs To Know.” Six local, so we’re talking local SEO today.


Chris:               Excellent. Actually, they’re in my blank stare, Google — what is it — Google My Business. A little interesting quirk that we’ll be blank staring. We already did top position snatchers. That’s already done, so we could check that off.


Hey, if you’re in a position have some sort of electronic device, you could tweet now. And Chuck, what should they tweet?


Chuck:             First off, tweet hashtag #SEOPodcast. This is number 286. Be sure to tag us in it @bestseopodcast @ewebstyle. That way, we can follow you back and do all of our social networking stuff.


Chris:               Excellent. Hey, if this is your first time listening to the podcast, howdy, welcome to the podcast. We’re going to do a little bit of potatoes.


Chuck:             Hi y’all.


Chris:               We’ll be getting into the meat here really shortly. Because there was no plethora of people following us or liking us or whatever on the various platforms, we have an informal contest. If more than ten people like any one of our platforms and we get a review then —


Chuck:             That’s Instagram, Facebook or Tweeter.


Chris:               Yeah. We’re making it easy on you guys.


Chuck:             With Tweeter, it’s multiple accounts, @bestseopodcast @ewebstyle. We’re looking for ten followers for the week.


Chris:               Then we skip this section, and this section begins with, so we’d love it if you left us a review. We’ve made it really easy for you to leave reviews in multiple places. The first and foremost is G+ Local or Google My Business or whatever it’s called now. I think it’s Google My Business. All you need to do is go to the following to get to our G+ Local page, and that is e-webstyle.com/ —


Chuck:             — Googleplus.


Chris:               Or slash —


Chuck:             — Google+.


Chris:               Or slash —


Chuck:             — Gplus.


Chris:               Or slash —


Chuck:             — G+.


Chris:               How can you forget the G? All of those will take you to our G+ Local page. And on our G+ Local page, we ask you to do two things.


Chuck:             Yeah, first and foremost, leave us a review. Hopefully that review is five stars. Then after you leave that review then put us in a circle. That way, you can share some content with us. We’ll share some content with you.


Chris:               Excellent. Next, you could — it’s only three steps — go onto iTunes, create an account, and write a review. If you choose to, after you write that review, send us an email, [email protected]


Chuck:             — E-webstyle.com.


Chris:               And we’ll gladly read your review on-air; not on err, no, on-air, on err.


Chuck:             On err, which could mean air depending on which part of the country you’re at.


Chris:               Exactly. Next is Facebook, if you go onto our Facebook page, facebook.com/ —


Chuck:             — Ewebstyle.


Chris:               You will notice that there is five stars or there’s a review section or something. Click one of those, enter a review and hopefully —


Chuck:             Ask a question. Leave a review.


Chris:               Yeah, and hopefully that review will be five stars. All right. Next, we’ve got Stitcher. Go to our Stitcher page. The easiest way to get to our Stitcher page is to, first, go to our website E-webstyle.com and then you will find a Stitcher link, not on the homepage. Just go to any internal page. On the right sidebar, click Stitcher and then all you have to do is click the stars and then go down. You’ll probably make it five stars.


Chuck:             I’ll probably move that to the homepage.


Chris:               Yeah. Make it one click easier. That certainly goes along with our whole philosophy, doesn’t it? All right. So there are lots of ways you can haunt us, stalk us, harass us, and we like all of those. They start with Facebook.com/ —


Chuck:             — Ewebstyle.


Chris:               Or you could use Twitter.com/ —


Chuck:             — Ewebstyle.


Chris:               You could also checkout YouTube.com/ —


Chuck:             — Ewebstyle. By the way, that’s where you want to go if you want to go back and watch these videos. They are at YouTube.com/ewebstyle, from 286, from today, all the way back.




Chris:               Yeah. And this video is there. We do broadcast the video of this podcast live on Fridays. We don’t need to specify the time anymore. Our target is 12:15. It is now 5:29.


Chuck:             Friday.


Chris:               Friday, yeah, absolutely, Central Standard Time.


Chuck:             Yeah, maybe even Frievening.


Chris:               Yes. It’s right in there. Let’s see. Was there anything else we did — oh, Instagram.com/ —


Chuck:             — Ewebstyle.


Chris:               Hey, if you’re a PHP expert or a WordPress guru, we’re probably looking for you. Go ahead and submit an audio resume, 713-510-7846. We do have free website analysis. Just go to our website, e-webstyle.com. You will find our free website analysis. Do we have our favorite segment?


Chuck:             We do have a little algo.


Chris:               Now it’s time for our favorite segment of the show, the Algorithm Ataclysm.


Chuck:             Exactly. I was, like, algo, no, that doesn’t sound right.


Chris:               algon, take me away.


Chuck:             Yeah. So this is kind of a minor, minor cataclysm, low on the Richter scale but definitely worth mentioning because it’s something we discussed in the past. So they just did a new patent. Any time they go and patent something, it’s likely to eventually become a ranking signal and hence, we’ll have an algorithmic change.


Chris:               The whole SEO community is all a-Twitter.


Chuck:             Exactly. So, they just went and patent — Google just went and patented watch time as a search factor, as a search ranking factor. The patenting?


Chris:               Patenting.


Chuck:             Patenting, I was, like, it just doesn’t sound right in my head, but it is the patenting —


Chris:               That was the bear. I think that was the bear.


Chuck:             Paddington.


Chris:               Yeah.


Chuck:             So, watch time, whether it’s video watch time or watch time with regards to the time you’re actually on a web page, as a patent for search ranking factor. Yeah, you want to make sure that you’re doing some stuff to keep people on your pages. You want to make sure that your videos actually have decent amount of content and that people aren’t just bouncing and leaving them after the first few seconds.


So, spend some time giving your videos some good intro, embed those videos on these pages. Frankly, what we’ve been doing with every site is auto-playing these videos. That way, they automatically play which inherently increases the amount of time people spend on your site. So, be on the lookout for that. We’ll be watching it to see if that eventually turns into something else.


Chris:               Don’t auto-play audio. Auto-play video. Potentially — we’re still resolving this.


Chuck:             Debating, yeah.


Chris:               Potentially, auto-play the video on mute, but don’t auto-play audio.


Chuck:             Yeah, don’t do that.


Chris:               That’s a douche. That’s definitely a douche.


All right. So you notice the tear tattoo. We won’t dwell on it. We’ve covered how you could prevent the tear tattoo. It does happen every time we don’t get a review in a seven-day period, and it hurts.


Chuck:             Yeah. You’re starting to peel a little bit.


Chris:               Yeah, I know. It’s on and off, on and off. I have a hole in the middle of my cheek because of that. So, make sure you donate to the cause which means give us a review.


Chuck:             Give us a review.


Chris:               Yes. We’ll get into the news, pretty cool. Google’s announcing Alphabet as being the parent company and then Sergey and his partner — I don’t even remember — I always remember Sergey’s name. I don’t remember —


Chuck:             Yes, Sundar.


Chris:               Sundar is the new CEO.


Chuck:             The new CEO of Google, yeah.


Chris:               Then Sergey Brin and the other guy, Larry —


Chuck:             Larry Page.


Chris:               — Page, yeah, that’s the one I should remember.


Chuck:             They’re running Alphabet.


Chris:               They’re just going to be up on top running Alphabet and flying on jets and stuff which is kind of cool. So, interesting.


Chuck:             I think it’s a great breakdown. I understand why they’re doing it. From a financial perspective, I was looking at a lot of the other ventures that they have and how, since those ventures happen under Google’s name, if those companies suck or they don’t do well then that inherently affects Google’s numbers. So by restructuring, you can put all those — remove them from under Google, period, put them under something else. Ventures is what it’s called actually. That way, it won’t affect their market share.


Chris:               Right.


Chuck:             Makes perfect sense. I like the other things, the Wing, the drone deal. The drone delivery system is called Wing. This is what they’re working on. They got Calico. That’s a company based on anti-aging. These are some products under Alphabet that once were under Google. So, that’s an interesting change.

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