Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Post Engagement

Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Post Engagement

Do you Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Post Engagement? Chris and Charles let you know how to use social media marketing to increase post engagement in #SEOPodcast294 on Podomatic and YouTube.


2015-10-09 Podcast 294




Chris:               Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.


Chuck:             Hi. I’m Charles Lewis, your Client Results Advocate.


Chris:               Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. This is Podcast number 294. As always, we have a tip from our previous podcast, and that tip can be found right here. That tip is use page social media marketing to increase post engagement.


Chuck:             Yeah. You’ve paid social media marketing and what that really means is spend money, right. Especially when you write a posting for some time today, a post where you have great content, maybe some video, some supporting images, some bullet points, some outbound links and all types of things that’s necessary for a good post.


You want to go viral and maybe you lack the audience. Pay for it. Sponsored tweets, boosted posts, sponsored IG post and things like that to help really drive some traction for that article.


Chris:               Absolutely. So that is our tip from podcast number 293. I think we went over our 15 second target.


Chuck:             Probably.


Chris:               That time. We’re going to —


Chuck:             Yeah. I didn’t time myself with that.


Chris:               Yeah. We’re working on making sure that that tip can get put onto Instagram, right, which has a 15 second limit. So this is kind of exciting, guys. You can follow along with us as we get better at that.


Please remember, we are broadcasting from Houston, Texas and we are your friendly, local neighborhood —


Chris & Chuck: Top Position Snatchers!


Chris:               And our mantra is —

Chuck:             Don’t be a douche. It is not a good look.


Chris:               Today, we have an article we’re talking about — what are we talking about today?


Chuck:             Yeah, yeah. We have a great article. Man, so I want to give a quick punch in the face to Marcus Miller. He posted an article on Search Engine Land. Know Thy Enemy: Local SEO & The Art of War. Kind of Cool. Took the book of the Art of War, took five concepts out of there, compared it to local SEO. So great article. We’ll dive into that in a minute.


Chris:               Okay. Excellent. Hey, if you’re in a position to have some sort of electronic device, go ahead and tweet now. Chuck, what should they tweet?


Chuck:             Well, first, make sure you tweet us @EWebResults @bestseopodcast and tweet us using #seopodcast. This is number 294. And then we can follow you back into all of our social networking stuff.


Chris:               All right. You maybe noticing something different because I am. That picture quality is pretty amazing, yeah. You can see that blemish that I have here, the little — yeah. So you got to get used to that. We’re actually instead of broadcasting using New Stream, we’re broadcasting using Google Hangouts live.


So it’s pretty exciting. That goes directly into YouTube because we were moving in this direction forever in a day thanks to —


Chuck:             So give us some feedback those who happen to watch this on SEO Podcast 294. Whenever you get to 294 which will probably be in a week sometime. Hit us up if you watched it and tell us what you think.


Chris:               Right. We are getting caught up. Like we’ve been saying we’re getting caught up for over a year. We actually have staff members and punch in the face to David Arms. He’s our results manager and he’s getting things done. So punch in the face to him.


Hey, if you’ve listened to this podcast never before, howdy.


Chuck:             Huh? If you listen to the podcast never before.


Chris:               Yeah. So it’s going down a path where it’s like you change it and the word “never” caused a diversion the best. Let’s start that again.


Chuck:             No, like man, that’s awesome.


Chris:               All right. Hey, if you’ve never listened —


Chuck:             It’s like being back for the first time.


Chris:               Yeah, exactly. Hey, if this is the first time you’ve ever listened to this podcast, you maybe a little bit confused. But let us just say, “Howdy. Welcome to the podcast.


Chuck:             Howdy. Yeah. Welcome.


Chris:               If you’ve listened to this podcast before —


Chuck:             You already know what’s up.


Chris:               You know what’s up. Hey. You see the tattoo, the tear tattoo. We did not get a review. And we’re running a, whatever, a fun little game that if we get a review and we get more than ten likes, follow, shares, whatever — although we’re not really tracking shares — on any one of our social platforms, then we’ll skip this next section.


You notice the tear tattoo because we didn’t get a review. So we’re not skipping that section. We’re going to ask you if you’ve listened to this podcast before or if you’re enjoying it to do one of a couple of things. Very simply to leave us a review.


You can leave us a review and the first and foremost, leave it GPlus. GPlus local actually which is Google My Business now. And we’ve made it really easy for you to get to that page. To get to that page, all you need to do is go to —


Chuck:             GooglePlus.


Chris:               Or slash —


Chuck:             Google+.


Chris:               Or slash —


Chuck:             GPlus.


Chris:               Or slash —


Chuck:             G+.


Chris:               All of those will take you to our Google My Business page and —


Chuck:             Yeah. Take your time to Google Local Page.


Chris:               — two things there you should do —


Chuck:             First off, put us in a circle right there where you can share some content with us, we share some content with you. More importantly, leave us a review. Hopefully that review is —


Chris & Chuck: Five stars.


Chuck:             And that way we will so appreciate it and give you a punch in the face live on the air.


Chris:               And we will actually — yeah, read your review on the air. The next has three simple steps. Go onto iTunes, create an account, write a review. If you choose to send us an email, [email protected]


Chuck:             E- — oh, lord,


Chris:               We should have like a quarter jar for over the next couple months. Yeah, we did just change our name from E-Webstyle to EWebResults. because nothing matters except —




Chuck:             Results.


Chris:               Exactly. Next, you could leave us a review on our Facebook page. We have a new Facebook page. It’s —


Chuck:             EWebResults.


Chris:               And if you go there, there’s a review thing and you can write a review and hopefully you’ll make that —


Chris & Chuck:            Five stars.


Chris:               Next, we’ll talk about that and then finally we’d really love it actually I should have started with this one. Go to our —


Chuck:             Stitcher.


Chris:               — Stitcher page. We still need a little boost there. We got a little bad press in the beginning because the feed wasn’t working. It was our fault. It just wasn’t indicative of the quality of our podcast. The best way to get to our Stitcher page —


Chuck:             Indicative.


Chris:               Yeah. The best way to get to our Stitcher page is actually go to our website, and then I think they have to go into one page, right.


Chuck:             It’s like in the side bar.


Chris:               Click any link in the side bar and that one hopefully you can leave us a five star review. All right. Hey, if you’re a PHP guru, genius with Word Praise — WordPress —


Chuck:             Word Praise.


Chris:               WordPress. Yeah. That’s the —


Chuck:             Word Praise is —


Chris:               Word Praise is the religious version of WordPress. That’s interesting. It just made me think of this. There’s a company that I know of. I won’t even say what city they’re in because it might be too — divulge too much information — who created a new content management system and their goal was to become the WordPress for not-for-profits.


And when this was described to me, I immediately said, “Well, isn’t WordPress the WordPress for not-for-profits? It’s free.” Free. So anyway, so it’s not Word Praise. It’s WordPress.


If you’re a WordPress genius, PHP guru, give us a call. We’re probably looking for you, 713-510-7846 and leave an audio resume. I did check that number. So that is working. We do have a free website analysis. And you can get it on our homepage And now, time for the favorite segment of the podcast —

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