Use Video to Reply Directly on Social Media for Better Engagement

Use Video to Reply Directly on Social Media for Better Engagement

Do you Use Video to Reply Directly on Social Media for Better Engagement? Chris and Charles tell you why you should use video to reply directly on social media for better engagement in #SEOPodcast 318 on Podomatic and YouTube.


2016-04-15 Podcast 318




Chris:                  Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.


Chuck:                I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results Advocate.


Chris:                  Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. This is podcast number —


Chris & Chuck:  …318.


Chris:                  As always, we do have a tip from our previous podcast, and that tip is, use video to reply directly on social media for better engagement.


Chuck:                Look, if you want to add a real personal touch and increase your social engagement, use video to talk directly to the people you’re responding to.


Chris:                  Video like this. Alright, please remember, we are filming live here from Houston, Texas, and we are your friendly local neighborhood, —


Chris & Chuck:  Top Position Snatchers!


Chris:                  And our mantra is —


Chuck:                …do not be a douche.


Chris:                  Don’t be a douche. We’ve got a wonderful article for you today. “Planning an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy.” Oh, back to the basics.


Chuck:                Yeah, punch in the face to back to the basics, punch in the face to Katy Katz, and the good folks over at Search Engine Journal, posted this article. We’re going to get back to some digital marketing basics, really SEO and PPC is what she kind of covered. So we’ll dig into that in a minute.


Chris:                  SEO and PPC. That is the basics for sure. Hey, if you have some sort of device, similar to the one that Chuck, the SEO rapper is holding in his hands right now —


Chuck:                You should do exactly what I’m in the process of doing right now. I even added an image to it. If you do that, that will definitely get you a punch in the face next week.


Chris:                  PITF! PITF!


Chuck:                But be sure to tweet us @BestSEOPodcast @eWebResults. Use #SEOPodcast. That way, we can follow you back and do all of our social networking stuff.


Chris:                  Excellent! If this is the first time that you’ve listened to this podcast, howdy, welcome to Houston, Texas.


Chuck:                We’re glad to have you.


Chris:                  Thank you. We’re so happy you’re tuning in. If you’ve listened to this podcast before, then you know that we’re about to skip this, you also notice there is no tear tattoo. They have all been removed, I did not need to add one this week. The section we’re going to miss is, and this is how it works, if we get more than 10 shikos, —


Chuck:                …shares, likes and follows —


Chris:                  …on any one of our platforms, and we get a review, then we don’t go through the rigmarole of expressing to you how you can write a review.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  So go write a review. is preferred. What we will do though is tell you how you can shiko us. There is a myriad of ways. One of them is–


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  All of those will take you to our social media platforms or other people’s social media platforms where we have… You got it.


Chuck:                Yeah, just shiko us when you get there.


Chris:                  Hey, if you’re a PHP expert or a WordPress guru, we’re probably looking for you.


Chuck:                Yeah, hit us up.


Chris:                  So go ahead and call in with an audio résumé, 713-510-7846. If you would like a free, comprehensive website analysis.


Chuck:                Keyword: free and comprehensive.


Chris:                  Yes.


Chuck:                Really come together, they do in this case.


Chris:                  Free website analysis, all you need to do is go to our website, and you will find a link to that. So just so you know, we’ve been informed, our fans, our listeners were very disappointed that we did not mention last time that there was no Algorithm Cataclysm. So we’ll make sure to mention it this time.


Chris & Chuck:  There is no Algorithm Cataclysm.


Chris:                  So  let’s get into news. I’ve got a little bit of news. Alright, so this is going to be a little long. What is RM -RF, really translate into?


Chuck:                RM -RF.


Chris:                  Forget that last part, that’s it. RM -RF, what does it translate to? It translates to bye-bye hosting business, because it is a command that will erase your entire computer. And a guy did it, he had about 1,500 hosting clients.


Chuck:                Oh, I saw that. Oh man!


Chris:                  He typed that command, put it in an initialization script, they weren’t on his backup servers, they weren’t on his servers. Basically —


Chuck:                …wiped out everything.


Chris:                  His business is gone. Hey, the government, US Government has said you should uninstall QuickTime from your PC, Apple is no longer supporting it and there are a couple of holes that exist there already.


Chuck:                Really? I like QuickTime.


Chris:                  Yeah. I do.


Chuck:                And then I don’t. I do, I don’t, because it always hits you with a random pop-up like “hey, update me”, and I’ll be like “no”.


Chris:                  A lot.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  Yeah, a lot. I thought this was just kind of interesting. They did a tweet-by-tweet. So they pretended the titanic was going down, and the tweets that would have happened during it going down, like minute-by-minute.


Chuck:                They wouldn’t even have been tweets, they just would have been some millennial, like “we’re going down, we’re going down.”


Chris:                  Yeah, this shit’s going viral.


Chuck:                Yeah, “I don’t know how to swim,” and then it’s like —


Chris:                  …”It’s really cold.” An implant paralyzed man plays guitar heroes. So they put an implant. Actually, so it’s a paralyzed man with an implant, pays guitar heroes. I had kind of a verbiage switch around here. So it’s just amazing what they’re doing. They actually did put an implant in his brain and then electrodes on his arm.


Chuck:                Because he was paralyzed, so he couldn’t do this at first. So now he can push some buttons and…


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck: That’s what’s up, that’s some huge progress.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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