You Should Be Using YouTube Ads

Welcome to episode 390 of the podcast! Watch Matt and Chris break a sweat – our A/C is broken – as they talk about why you should be utilizing YouTube for your business.

Our article this week is “Find Your Target Audience With YouTube Video Advertising” by Will Scott at MarketingLand.

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Author: eweb-admin

Chris:                  Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.


Matt:                  My name is Matt Bertram and I am here to give this presentation with no air conditioning.


Chris:                  It is hot. The air conditioning has died in our building and it is definitely hot. Welcome to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. This one is actually podcast number 390. As always, we have a tip from our previous podcast.


Matt:                  “My customer service must include social media listening and responsiveness.”


Chris:                  So if you listened to our last five podcasts, they were all over one article. The “45 local SEO pitfalls & how to avoid them.” And we talked about customer service and social media. I think we said something like– that was for reviews. It was something really cool for reviews which is, “Silence shows that you don’t care. Make sure you respond to reviews.” Make sure you’re engaging with people on social media.” Yeah.


Matt:                  Absolutely. That’s the future of kind of customer service is, you know, tweeting about it if you’re unhappy and expecting people to go out there and respond.


Chris:                  Yeah. Absolutely. Hey, we are broadcasting live from Houston, Texas. And Matt and I, we are your testing and measuring gurus.


Matt:                  Alright!


Chris:                  You like that? Is that good?


Matt:                  I like that.


Chris:                  The testing and measuring gurus. I do have a quick review, just wanted to share it. This is from Pet Portrait Artist, they put it on SoundCloud. Yes, you can find us on SoundCloud.


Matt:                  Wooo! SoundCloud.


Chris:                  And it says, “Definitely the most entertaining SEO podcast on the internet.” And then it has the little happy face. The super big happy face. Punch in the face to you Pet Portrait Artist. And then they even exchanged emails.


Matt:                  Pet Portrait Artist.


Chris:                  Pet Portrait Artist. Yeah.


Matt:                  I wanna see some of these Pet Portraits, yeah.


Chris:                  Cool yeah.


Matt:                  Please send us– Yeah.


Chris:                  You know, my wife does pet portraits? Actually she does like oil pastels, and then she’ll do it for–


Matt:                  What’s her favorite animal?


Chris:                  What’s my wife’s favorite animal? I don’t know.


Matt:                  Can I get a giraffe?


Chris:                  You want a giraffe?


Matt:                  I want a giraffe.


Chris:                  So you have to have a pet giraffe in order for her to do a pet portrait.


Matt:                  I do! I do.


Chris:                  Okay. We’ll talk about that later, alright? You have connections I didn’t realize you had. Hey, if you think this podcast is good and you get good information from this podcast, you’ll probably be interested in– I don’t know, 17 tips that we could provide to you in one succinct document. You can get it, all you need to do go to and fill out the form and you will get your 17 tips. It’s a beautiful PDF document, Sammie put it together. It’s got video links, it’s got tips, it’s got–


Matt:                  It’s a ton of great content.


Chris:                  It’s great stuff.


Matt:                  Ode to Charles.


Chris:                  Go check that out. Hey, if you are in a position to, we would like you to tweet. And here’s what we would like you to tweet. I actually put this double– actually I need that other sheet that you have. We would like you to tweet SEOPodcast. This is podcast number 390, so #SEOPodcast. Tag us in it @BestSEOPodcsat @eWebResults. You also wanna tag Scott. Will Scott is the one who wrote the article we’re discussing today. And he is @w2scott. That’s awesome. Oh, apparently this is podcast 390 thousand– 1 million 390 thousand and that’s just adjusting things on the fly. And also do I have this? No. Alright, so please tweet that so we can make contact with you and you can be part of our PITF. What is next? Do you know what a PITF is?


Matt:                  I know what a PITF is.


Chris:                  A punch in the face.


Matt:                  I need it back.


Chris:                  Oh, you gave it me, right?


Matt:                  Yeah.


Chris:                  There you go.


Matt:                  You wanted me to PITF it.


Chris:                  Yeah. Hold on.


Matt:                  Yeah.


Chris:                  So you recognize that–


Matt:                  No tear?


Chris:                  There is no tear tattoo, right? But we are going to tell you how to leave us a review. We run a contest, so if this is the first time you’ve listened to the podcast: howdy, welcome to the podcast. If you’ve listened before, we know when we don’t get a review or we don’t get 10 shikos–


Matt:                  A share, a like, a follow.


Chris:                  That’s what a shiko is.


Matt:                  Yeah.


Chris:                  If we don’t get 10 shikos, and we don’t get a review, or we don’t get a review, then we actually–


Matt:                  Guys, just so you know.


Chris:                  So it is written there.