Your Marketing Goals Should Determine Your SEO

Your Marketing Goals Should Determine Your SEO

How do Your Marketing Goals Should Determine Your SEO? Chris and Charles tell you why your marketing goals should determine your SEO in #SEOPodcast 298 on Podomatic and YouTube.


2015-11-06 Podcast 298




Chris:                  Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, the owner of eWebResults.


Chuck:                I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results Advocate.


Chris:                  Welcome to another fun filled edition of our podcast. This is Podcast number —


Chris & Chuck:      298.


Chris:                  That means 2 away from 300.


Chuck:                Yeah, that means like almost 300.


Chris:                  Almost 300. As always, we do have a tip from our previous podcast and that tip is the size of your site and marketing goals should determine if you hire an in-house SEO or an agency.


Chuck:                Yeah, if the size is large, then you’ll likely need an agency because they’ll have more resources and effort to put towards it. If the site’s small, hire somebody in-house, they can probably handle it.


Chris:                  All by themselves. Alright, let’s get back to this. Hey, we want you to please remember, we are your friendly local neighborhood


Chris & Chuck:      Top Position Snatchers!


Chris:                  And we are broadcasting live from Houston.


Chuck:                Where our mantra is don’t be a douche.


Chris:                  Don’t be a douche. I got out of sync here.


Chuck:                Yeah, I saw that.


Chris:                  Because I’m excited because we’re actually fan-fabulous.


Chuck:                There, that’s our word. Punch in the face to, who gave us that? You’ll probably get to that in a minute.


Chris:                  Yes, that’s right. Hit note, it was who? Oh, I wrote it down. That’s it, it’s Pinale [Phonetic], right? We read her review the last time.


Chuck:                Yeah, she told us it was fan-fabulous, that’s right.


Chris:                  I kind of like fun-fabulous but that is also good.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  Let’s see, we did Top Position Snatchers already, I’m way off here. Hey, we have a really good article today. If you do any sort of video stuff and you think you might need to optimize for it, you do.


Chuck:                Definitely man. Yeah, punch in the face to Jim Yu and the good people over at Search Engine Journal. He posted this article “Video Optimization, Do Not Underestimate the Power of YouTube“.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Great article, we’re going to dive in a little later, stay tuned.


Chris:                  Alright. If this is the first time you’ve listened to the podcast, howdy?


Chuck:                Welcome.


Chris:                  If you have listened to the Podcast before or it’s your first time, what we’d like you to do is tweet at us.


Chuck:                Yeah, tweet us actually, right now if you’re watching, you know what to tweet, #SEOPodcast


Chris:                  BestSEOPodcast.


Chuck:                This is number 298 @BestSEOPodcast @eWebResults @Dont [0:02:09] [Indiscernible] just out of there today.


Chris:                  #Don’tCorrectTheSocialMediaGuy.


Chuck:                Yeah but tweet us up man. So that way we can follow back and do all of our social networking stuff.


Chris:                  Cool, if you’ve listened to the Podcast before, you know that we’re running a slight competition where if we get a review and we get more than 10 additional likes, followers whatever maybe.


Chuck:                Subscribers, whatever it is.


Chris:                  Subscribers. Then we’ll skip the process where we ask and describe how you could leave us a review and we would be skipping it today.


Chuck:                Yeah, we got, I followed back quite a few people on Twitter.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                We got an awesome review I think.


Chris:                  And actually 2 of our Twitter accounts, remember our proper Twitter account is —


Chuck:                eWebResults.


Chris:                  So we’ll get to that in just a second. So let’s see, what else do I have here? We do like you to follow us, so we should have gotten into it, we’re getting into it right now by the way, just a second. We like you to follow us, we like you to share it, and we like all of that good stuff and you can do it say, I don’t know, —


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:         —


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:         —


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:         —


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  All of those. Also you can get to our Stitcher page and leave a review. To get to our Stitcher page, just go to our site —


Chuck:      , click the page in the side bar, you’ll see Stitcher, then click the link, write a review.


Chris:                  Cool! If you are a WordPress genius or a PHP guru, then we are probably looking for you. Go ahead and call, leave an audio resume 713-510-7846. If you’re looking for a free website analysis, we give them out.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  These are highly valuable, it’s like a 13-page, comprehensive website analysis. You can get that by going to our website There is a link on that first page.


Chuck:                Yeah. So it’s a CTA right there, its feature says get your free website analysis.


Chris:                  Do we have any Algo Cats.


Chuck:                We do have some Algo Cats.


Chris:                  Time for the favorite segment of the program —


Chris & Chuck:  The Algorithm Cataclysm pfft


Chris:                  Right!


Chuck:                Oh yeah. This is big too. This is not 7.4 like RankBrain but this is probably 3.5.


Chris:                  Okay


Chuck:                So dig this, right? Remember prior to a responsive design, there’s a big focus on Apps.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                People want a mobile App and then, since response to design wasn’t there, what happened when the site loaded up, if they have an App, you’ve got to pop up that says hey, please install our App, please install our App.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                Well, Google just passed a penalty as of November 3rd, devaluing all web pages that automatically force the App download. So what does that mean? That means if you have a old site that’s probably not mobile friendly and which is why you’re still pushing your App download, then you need to redesign your site and fix something mobile friendly, get rid of that forced App download because that’s devaluing your page.


Chris:                  So this is interesting, I’m wondering what they define as a forced App download. So is it potentially a pop up on your website? It says hey we have an App, why don’t you download it?


Chuck:                No, I think it’s when you put it up and it automatically redirects you to download the App.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Those redirects is the issue.


Chris:                  Okay.


Chuck:                Not the advertising of the App but the forced redirect and I hate that by the way  because I’ve experience that like I don’t want to download your App.


Chris:                  I want to get to your website.


Chuck:                I just want some content.


Chris:                  Yeah, that’s pretty big stuff.


Chuck:                Fix your site, if you’re forcing people to download Apps, get your mobile version.


Chris:                  Pretty big stuff. Alright so, I’ve got a little bit of news.


Chuck:                Yeah, got some too.


Chris:                  So Google is fine tuning their self driving car’s perception of children. I think this is pretty good.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  If they were to call me and say: should we improve our vehicle’s perception of children, I would say yes.


Chuck:                I’m curious to what the current perception of children is.


Chris:                  Speed bump, deer, baby deer.


Chuck:                Talking about obstacles, you  know what I’m saying?


Chris:                  World, it could be like world in motion.


Chuck:                Target.


Chris:                  Under point, under point.


Chuck:                Hopefully they deliver.


Chris:                  So next is, this is pretty cool. Have you heard of any sites being banned off of out of Facebook?


Chuck:                Any sites?


Chris:                  Like say you type a site in


Chuck:                And it’s like no.


Chris:                  And it disappears. There is one and this is pretty cool.


Chuck:                Hold on, type the site in Facebook, like you just want to see what’s going to come up?


Chris:                  No. So type it in Facebook to post message.


Chuck:                Oh like a link or something from that site?


Chris:                  Yes.


Chuck:                Okay and then it just disappears?


Chris:                  Goes away. Facebook is making it disappear.


Chuck:                What site is that?


Chris:                  The website is and it’s a website where you get this, this is potentially a Facebook killer. They’re sharing revenue with the users, right?


Chuck:                Yeah,  I’ve heard of them


Chris:                  So you do post, you do whatever.


Chuck:                The more ads they sell based on whoever’s content gets the most engagement, they do a little profit sharing. I have heard of them.


Chris:                  They keep like 10% and share 45%, I don’t know what happens to the rest, maybe it’s expenses or whatever. That has a potential, like okay, wait a minute, so I’ve got all the features of Facebook but I can get paid.


Chuck:                But I can get money.


Chris:                  I think I’m just going to use that so I can get my check. Alright, so that was pretty cool. I’ve got a PTIF and I was supposed to give this one out last time. This is for Wallace Gator Bailey [Phonetic]. Punch in the face! Be careful though, he’s a jiu jitsu trainer.


Chuck:                Oh that guy, yeah.


Chris:                  So if you  knock him out.


Chuck:                My friend, he said, I remember you talking to him.


Chris:   So his website is Last jj is for jiu jitsu. So punch in the face to him, I had a great conversation with him. Here’s another, this was a nice review, this is from Stephan Fraiser [Phonetic] and it was —

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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