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Right from web design and web development to web hosting and maintenance, eWebResults provides full-service support for all your eCommerce needs.We take away the stress of web hosting and maintenance so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Based in Houston, eWebResults is a web design company that specializes in responsive web design, comprehensive digital marketing solutions, and premium web hosting services.

Our team of dedicated web designers, programmers, and digital experts are at your disposal round the clock to ensure uninterrupted services.

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What Is Houston Web Hosting?

Having an active website is a great way to reach millions of customers across the globe at the click of a mouse. Web hosting services allow you to build and publish a website or web application on the internet.

web hosting

When you get web hosting services, you are basically renting digital space on a server where all your data necessary for running a website is stored.

The server runs 24/7 so that your customers have uninterrupted access to your website.

At eWebResults, our approach helps deliver creative and cost effective solutions that boost your business.

Our in-house team of web designers, developers, programmers, beta testers, content managers and administration personnel ensure your website runs smoothly 24/7.

Types of Web Hosting

There are many web hosting plans that serve the unique needs of our different clients. The larger the website is, the more the server space required.

Most businesses usually start small with the shared hosting option and then upgrade based on their business growth.

Here are the most common types of web hosting plans:

  1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for small businesses and bloggers. As the name suggests, here you share the server and other resources like memory with other clients of the web host.

  • VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. While you do share a server, the web host allocates a separate dedicated server space to you specifically. It is allows for scalability. It is a good option for medium sized businesses and fast growing websites.

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a reliable hosting option with virtually no or negligible downtime. You are assigned a cluster of servers that maintain duplicate copies of your files. In the event of failure of anyone server, the web traffic is automatically redirected to another server.

  • WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is recommended for WordPress websites. It is similar to shared hosting. However, the server is configured to cater for the pre-installed plug-ins and other WordPress related features.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most flexible and scalable hosting plan. Like the name suggests, you have a physical server dedicated to your website. The client enjoys full control over configuration and root access to the server. It usually comes with a full support professional team.

Which Type of Hosting Is Right for You?

All our clients are more than just a business to us. We deliver personalized support, experienced expertise and dependable services. Our business is growing your business. We root for the success of your brand.

Ask yourself these questions to evaluate what type of hosting is suitable for your business needs.

  • What does the hosting package entail?
  • Do you require email hosting?
  • What kind of storage do you need for media files like images, videos and info graphics?
  • How fast do you expect your website to grow?
  • What add on services are you looking for?
  • Do you need backup and security?
  • Will you need to hire a technical person?
  • Does the location of the server matter?

Hosting and maintaining a website can be a complex undertaking. Get it right and it could take your business to new heights. Get it wrong and you will be stuck with a web host that doesn’t do much for your business.

Work With Our Professional Houston Web Design Agency

A professionally managed web hosting service updates and maintains your website while ensuring the server runs seamlessly.

It protects the server from any malicious attacks, threats and damages that may hinder the website so that visitors have a superlative user experience.

We can take your business to the next level by attracting new customers.

  • Affordable services and flexible payment plans

Compare the prices of the many web hosting companies and evaluate their package. Some web hosts may charge high prices for their services without offering any value addition.

Enjoy our affordable web hosting services. We offer tailored payment plans so you feel comfortable before jumping into anything.

  • Full support team

Our hosting services provide you with 24/7 technical support. Our web host is available via phone, email, and other mediums – to ensure you get the help you need fast.

Further, the dashboard and control panel provided by us is not too complicated to manage on your own.

If you end the cycle of redirecting from one support desk to another, eWebResults is your ideal web host. All our front end and back end services are managed from a common place. Each of our clients is assigned a primary contact so our team is only a phone call away.

  • Negligible site downtime

Our hosting services are so reliable that there is no downtime. That is to say the we ensure the site is up and running almost all the time.

At eWebResults, we guarantee 99.9% site uptime.

  • Scalable services

While it makes sense to start off with shared hosting, you might want to switch to a dedicated once your website grows. Evaluate the options for upgrading the hosting services.

At eWebResults, our dedicated in-house team communicates and upgrades all the requisite information and instructions regarding plug-in updates, backups, and security, to provide you comprehensive and scalable digital solutions.

Ready to Get Started with Web Hosting?

Contact us today and we’ll get the ball rolling! Call us today to consult with eWebResults’ experienced web designers and digital maintenance team. All our web designs are dynamic and responsive with conversion-oriented content.

You can count on eWebResults to deliver top-notch web services to enhance your brand and online presence.

Let’s talk about your project. Sort of like your first date, only less awkward. Drop us a line below and we’ll let you know how we can help.

web hosting
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