SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing? Why is everyone talking about social media? Why do I need social media? Social media marketing is using various social networks along with the proper conversation to not only increase clients, but more importantly manage your brand. Most people and even companies think if you create a Facebook page, a blog or a Twitter profile then you are doing social media marketing. That is far from the truth. Yes having those pages and profiles help, but its how you use them which makes it marketing.

Social media is weighed heavily on the first word…social. It is based on conversation. You should conversate online with clients & customers (friends & followers) about their experiences with your product and products similar to yours. It is a way to gain an edge on what potential customers really want. It is an opportunity to provide customer service. It is an excellent way to get referrals. In regards to search engine optimization, it is a way to generate links to your site. Unlike pay per click advertising, most social media platforms are free.

Social media marketing is not spamming your website to everyone you are friends with or who follows you. Social media marketing is not bashing your competitors. Social media marketing is basically the opportunity to get to know your target base by building relationships with them. You market to them on their level through conversation on a platform they are familiar with. People tend to buy from companies they trust. You need a social media marketing campaign. Let us evaluate your business, and locate your “friends”. Contact us today!