Citrix And NextGen Set-up

Citrix and NextGen


Adding NextGen icon to a desktop

-All this must be done with Administrative rights

-Assuming you already have Citrix neighbor hood on your computer.

– View the Citrix Program Neighborhoood – Custom ICA Connections

 Citrix NextGen 5.0

      click UP

      And then click Citrix Find New Application Set.

 Citrix Application Set

      Local area network

      Enter Description ie “NextGen”

      Click the drop down for server application set

      It may take some time to find the Citrix Farm but when it comes up select the Citrix FarmCitrix Application Set

      Application Set-Up- Window Color Use Server Default Checked

      Seamless Window for a more elegant user solution

Citrix Application Set Configuration

      Click next and Finish

      The Neighborhood screen has now changed and you should double-click NextGen

      Citrix will automatically find the software you are sharing (NextGen) and will place an icon on the desktop of your workstation

      We use Pass-through authentication which does not work on Windows 98 machines (Crazy I know but we are going to phase those out)

      On Windows 98 machines we will hard code the credentials of the person who most uses that workstation.

Author: eweb-admin