Kaseya Vs Zenith Managed software solutions

Kaseya Zenith

Software only

Software and Managed services with NOC in Mumbai India

Great scripting capability


Cost: (as of 4/10/2008)

Cost: (as of 4/10/2008)

100 licenses $13,200 – Maintenance after first year – 20% $2,640

First year $9.75/month/client

Remaining years $2.20

$20/server/month – Live Monitoring

$37/server/month – Live Monitoring + help

$16/WkSt/month – Help Desk

Backup Cost: Acronys

Backup Cost:

$4275.00 includes

100 license – 85 WkSt and 15 Servers


$50/WkSt and $1000/Server

$80/month up to 5 servers

Can be replicated offsite

Virus Protection: Avg Engine

Virus Protection: Avg Engine

100 licenses ($2400)



Great site for a comparison by a user.  http://smallbizthoughts.blogspot.com/2007/12/zenith-vs-kaseya.html

I am also wondering if this might be some sort of solution worth looking into http://manageengine.adventnet.com/.  And http://www.levelplatforms.com/. Let me know if you know anything about these products.

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