mswinsock.winsock .asp

I spent much time trying to register the mswinsck.ocx component on my server and then getting the component to work inside of a .asp page.  I had no luck.  I recieved all sorts of message:

winsock connecting
Wrong protocol or connection state for the requested transaction or request
winsock resolving host

I was able to get two components to work:
One is by
This component seems to be very hardy and worked with no problems.

The other component is by and can be found here
This component does not seem as hardy, it does not allow you to see the state of the component, it only allows you to use delays to wait until you have recieved data. 

 The OStrosoft component runs $59.00 for a license on one server

Darts component runs $249.00.

Regarding the mswinsck.ocx component and (“mswinsock.winsock”), the only documentation I was able to find about this component and its compatability with .asp pages was found on the Ostrosoft website they component comparison chart says that the Microsoft Winsock Control “Can be used only in Visual Basic Professional or Enterprise edition”  which does seem to exclude .asp pages.

I hope this was helpful.  I spent about 8 hours trying to get the Microsoft Winsock Control to work.


Author: eweb-admin