Open ftp Site in Windows Explorer

So we are all aware of the problem where the latest version of IE does not support access to FTP sites directly.  If you open an ftp:// link in IE you must then select page and “Open FTP site in Windows Explorer”  I have not found a way around this until now and I wanted to share it pronto.  Please link to this if you like it.

First you need to make a batch file.  Create a new text document and name it xyz.bat.  In our case we where trying to ftp to so we called the batch file testftp.bat.  In the batch file put the following code:  explorer.exe  This code just runs windows explorer and references your selected ftp site.

Now the fun part find iexpress.exe on your computer, mine was located here C:WINDOWSsystem32iexpress.exe .  This Iexpress.exe file is resident on at least the XP OS.  I cannot attest to any other OS’s.  Iexpress is a tool by microsoft that will turn a .bat file into an executable.

-> First screen press next
->Extract files and run an installation command
->Title “”
-> No Promt
-> Do not display a license
-> Add testftp.bat to the packaged files
-> Install program is also testftp.bat
-> Default
-> No messages
-> testftp.exe, Hide Progress
-> No restart
-> Save the SED file

This is just a file which will record all your information for making the .exe file.  If you save this and you make a change to the .bat file you can just run the SED file to create a new .exe with the new .bat

Now just add the .exe to your website as a link.  Make sure your clients know they can trust that file and run it when prompted.  Thats it.

Let me know what you think.

Author: eweb-admin