SQL Free Backup

This entry explains how I set-up my  Web Server to back-up my SQL database.

Open up SQL Server Enterprise Manager
Select a server group
From the top menu select tools>backup database
Select the database you want to backup
Select the type of backup
I usually set-up two backups
            Complete once a week
            Differential everyday
You must add a destination.  I use a file as a destination on a folder designated for my database backups.

Schedule the backup
Again   Complete once a week
            Differential everyday

You may get a warning message SQLServerAgent on target server ‘(local)’ is stopped.
Go to services by
Right click My Computer and click manage
Open up the Services and Applications tree
Select Services
Find the SQLServerAgent
Right click this service and go to properties
Change startup type to Automatic (this will make sure the service is running anytime the server is rebooted
Also start the service.

If you need to make changes to these settings you can find these backup routines in SQL Server Enterprise Manager by opening Management>SQL Server Agent > jobs, you may need to refresh if you have just added the job.

Author: eweb-admin