3 Current SEO Trends – Things to Watch For in the Coming Year

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Today, we’re going to be focusing on current SEO trends in our article “3 Current SEO Trends – Things to Watch For in the Coming Year”

1) Content is Still King

Surprise surprise – after all of these years, content is still considered king.
At the end of the day, search engine bots along with the search engines that manage them will always look out for the website that gives out the best and most impactful content. One important facet of this trend concerns the actual content that you put out. To put it simply, content requires value – it shouldn’t be bland and useless just for the sake of putting up content.

In terms of SEO, it’s the quality that matters when it comes to content – not the quantity.


2) Authorship – Use It

The fact of the matter is, Authorship for Google related SEO is becoming an increasingly popular tool for SEO. Claiming authorship over something, building a collection of high ranking articles that all use the same authorship tag, and subsequently adding more and more highly rated/ranked articles will boost SEO efforts tremendously. It isn’t just the Author – rather, it’s the influence that the author carries behind his or her name.


3) Mobile Compatibility Is Important

Being compatible for mobile devices is an important aspect of your website. We’ve stressed this point in the past and we’ll stress it again right now. Mobile Device usage is only going to increase in the future. As the availability of smartphones and tablet devices becomes more widespread, mobile traffic will start accounting more and more for your websites total visitation count. As of now, two out of every ten searches come from mobile devices. That number is likely to increase as time progresses.

Making sure your website is mobile complaint should be at the top of your list if you haven’t done it already.

Author: eweb-admin