3 Easy Tips for E-Commerce SEO

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Today we’re going to be talking about easy to follow steps to increase your E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization ratings in our article “3 Easy Tips for E-Commerce SEO”


1)      Create a Blog

Yep. Creating a blog on your website will help increase your SEO. While that may sound easy, you have to realize that the blog on your website isn’t just a fire and forget sort of deal. You won’t be raking in the internet traffic with a blog whose latest update was in 2009 in the year 2013.

What I’m getting at is, while creating a blog is a step in the right direction, keeping it constantly updated with fresh content that adds value to the site (no 3 word blog posts please) is the most important thing you could do.

In case you weren’t convinced by the above words, here’s the kicker for this entire deal – When you make a blog for your E-Commerce site, you can use your blog to talk about the products found on your site. Generating interest generates income.

2)      Do Keyword Research

This point should really be a no-brainer, because as an avid internet entrepreneur, you should have already done exhaustive research over the keywords related to your website and your product. However, like me, you’re also human. Consider this your friendly reminder to pump up your keyword research.

3)      Social Media Sells

Just as you would expect, social media sells. Social media is extremely important to ANY website – especially a website aimed at selling a particular product, product line, or multiple products.

Imagine this example – A customer has 2 items in a shopping cart and is about to check out. Before the customer checks out though, a wave of uneasiness flows over him not about the first product, but about the second.

The first product was the one he intended to buy. The second one was a spur of the moment “add to cart” decision.  He hovers over the second product to review the details of it before he ultimately decides to take it out of the cart or not.

Upon reviewing the product yet again, he sees that the product has ~2,000 likes on Facebook and 560+1’s on google plus. He sees that his friend has also liked the product and is a member of the 2000 person population on the social media site. The customer ultimately decides to keep the product because of the popularity it had with his peers. Social Media has just doubled your sales.

Long winded example aside, Social Media is extremely important to an e-commerce website for the specific reason that it leads to situations like the one mentioned above. In addition to building a reputation, social media also generates interest. And remember. Generating interest generates income.

Author: eweb-admin