3 Tips On-Page Optimization Key Word Targeting

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On this newsletter, we’re going to be going over some on-page optimization tips – more specifically, on page optimization tips for targeting specific keywords and phrases. So without further ado, sit back, relax and get informed with this week’s E-Webstyle Newsletter!


TIP NUMBER 1 – Making Sure Your Content is Keyword Heavy

One of the biggest tips for making sure your pages rank well is that you optimize your content to include the keywords you want to rank well for. For example, if you’re going for a niche keyword(s)/phrase such as “fresh salmon sushi” or “delicious baked breads”, be sure to use those multiple times in whichever piece of content it would make sense to have them in. Make sure your page title has important key phrases in it. Make sure your headlines contain important key word phrases as well. Make sure to include keywords inside your URL. Make sure to mention the keywords multiple times throughout the article.

TIP NUMBER 2 – Making Sure to Tag Images

Image tagging is an often overlooked part of SEO in general. When you put up content and you add images to said content, be sure to always tag the images with words relevant to the content, or, more importantly, keywords that you want to rank well for. Also, if given an opportunity to caption your image, be sure to include keyword rich captions in order to further boost your rankings.

TIP NUMBER 3 – Making Sure Content is both Valuable and Unique

It goes without saying that content is king. However, making sure your content IS king is extremely important in terms of SEO in general. Your content has to be fresh. Your content has to be unique. Your content has to be exciting. Your content has to be valuable. Every single bit of “good” content you can generate and post to your site will help its rankings that much more. It can’t just be unique. I could post up a “unique” poem or a list of haikus about fresh salmon sushi and not rank in the top 100…pages. It isn’t enough just to be valuable. I could post the periodic table on a website, because let’s face it, the periodic table is one of the most searched things on the internet – meaning it’s extremely valuable, and not rank in the top 1000…pages. Your content has to be both Valuable AND Unique – or to make things simple, uniquely valuable.


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Author: eweb-admin