5 Things That You Absolutely Need to Stop Doing on Your Website

There are a lot of things that you should do when you decide to build and maintain your website. Conversely, there are a lot of things that you should avoid when you decide to build and maintain your website. Today, We’re going to be going over “5 Things that you absolutely need to stop doing on your website” 1) Don’t Use Tiny Fonts You may have microscopic 40/20 vision, but that doesn’t mean your viewers do. Don’t use tiny fonts. Use BIG fonts that are easy to read and easy on the eyes. Remember – You’re not just making the website for yourself. Your goal at the end of the day is to get views, customers, followers or traffic. And I can almost guarantee you that having small illegible fonts is a surefire way to decrease your traffic. 2) Don’t Design Your Website for One Specific Browser You’re going to have to remember that every single person who visits your website is different. What that translates to is that they’re going to have different preferences. Different likes. Different dislikes. You’re going to want to try to cater to them as best as possible – and this includes making your website accessible for multiple browers. Including internet explorer. 3) Don’t Auto Play Video and Audio Seriously. It’s going to freak people out. Nothing is scarier than browsing through a page that you think is entirely composed of text only to have audio of a random song that may or may not fit the thematics of the page play automatically. The same goes with scrolling through a text based page and having a small man in a window to the right of the page talk about how great sham-wow is. 4) If You’re Using a Captcha, Don’t Make it Unreadable Imagine the scenario as follows – You make a website, it’s gradually getting steam and a lot of people like it very much. One of those people feels like leaving a comment on a page of your website. After writing out a thoughtful comment, that person is met with an insurmountable obstacle – a horribly illegible captcha. Is that person going to go through the effort of deciphering hieroglyphics in order to get his point across? Probably not. Make sure that your captchas are readable so people can post things without jumping through giant flaming hoops to do so. 5) Don’t Post Essays Where You’re Not Supposed to This one is pretty much self-contained. Don’t post an essay where a snippet is required. This was also a point iterated in our last newsletter, but do realize that it is still important and relevant. Unless they specifically search for an extremely long and detailed post, people will typically appreciate it if you deliver your content in a clear and concise manner rather than taking the time to make it look like a PhD thesis.   There are obviously many many many more points that can be added here, but these 5 are amongst the most common and prevalent when talking about what to not do when building a website. If you stop doing these five things, your website will not only improve in look and feel, but more and more people will stay on your website for longer periods of time (results may vary). On behalf of all of us at E-Webstyle, I would like to thank you for reading this. We all wish you a good day, but most importantly, first page results!

Author: eweb-admin