Authorize vs Capture CC paypal_payflow_pro by Brian Burton

Brian Burton with has done a great job on the paypal_payflow_pro module. One thing I noticed is that it does not give us the option to do a credit card authorize vs. a credit card sale (which is an authorize and capture together). I thought about adding this feature to is module but time does not allow so I just wanted to provide a quick work around. Find this line of code: ‘TRXTYPE’ => ‘S’, Changed from Authorize to Sale By CVB 2/27/2009 and replace it with this ‘TRXTYPE’ => ‘A’, Paypals documentation says the following: “According to card association rules, most physical goods merchants should use a two-step process, since settlement should occur when the goods are fulfilled or shipped.” So really this is correct for product shipping businesses. If you are selling digital products then your products are usually delivered immediatly so there will be no problem doing a S, sale transaction.

Author: eweb-admin