Blue One Armed Widgets or Blue One Arm Widget

Here is an example of how easy it is to get on the first page of Google.  That is, of course, for a very rare search term.  In our case the search term is Blue One Armed Widgets.  One could also call these Bloue One-Armed widgets.  The important thing to remember about first page placement is content is king.

Well content is king and not necessarily easy to accomplish in the case of much sought after search terms like mp3.  But content is king and easy for terms like “Blue One Arm Widget”

In this case the thing we have done properly is include multiple references to the famed Blue One Armed widgets.  We have also included them in our title tag, because I am using the Optimal Title plug in for WordPress.  I will also include an image with proper alt tags.Blue One Armed Widgets

This is all we need to get great search engine placement.  See it is easy!!

Author: eweb-admin