Cannot generate SSPI context – My Solution not Microsofts

You are reading this because you have bumped into an annoying problem.   You are getting a message.  Probably a lot more complicated but it includes “Cannot generate SSPI context”.  You may have found or been referred to Microsoft’s trouble shooting page for this problem    I love reading these long technical articles and what I like it even more are step-by-step solutions.  I did not find any step by step solutions, so here is how I solved my problem.

From the Microsoft link I did the following test.

If our server which had msSQL on it was: EWEBSTYLE

Command Prompt

ping ewebstyle
I did get an IP address lets say it was

ping -a

I did not get the fully qualified DNS of the sql server.   This clued me into it being a DNS issue.  I added the EWEBSTYLE servers IP address to the TCPIP protocol DNS servers.

Start->Control Panel->Network Connections->Right Click Local Area Connection->Properties->Highlight Internet Protocol->Click Properties->Select Use the following DNS server addresses->If you are using DHCP you should make sure that you set the Automatic DNS server as the Alternate and list the IP of the SQL server as the primary-> press OK->OK.

Even though the ping -a IPADDRESS command still did not return the fully qualified DNS of the SQL server, this seemed to fix the problem!!

I am pretty sure I could have also manually added the IP of the SQL server to the DNS on the router, LAN side of course.  This would be nice because I would not need to make the change, above, to every computer.  Not a big deal for this client with two computers in the office.

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Author: eweb-admin