Creating Better User Friendly Content with On Page SEO

Hello, and welcome to the E-Webstyle Newsletter! With the holidays slowly creeping around the corner, productivity is at an understandable all-time low. We, however, urge you to make one final push to accomplish whatever you need to get done on your to do list to make this holiday the best one yet. On this week’s newsletter, we’re going to be focused a lot on on-page SEO. So, friends, fans and business partners, without further ado, we here at E-Webstyle encourage you to sit back and have a Punch in the Face (that means we like you) as we start this weeks Newsletter.

There are many things that affect the search engine rating of a page. That’s a given. What we’re going to be talking about this week is something called On-Page SEO, or, on page factors that influence the ranking of a page in the search engine. The first and foremost subsection of On-Page SEO that you should be focused on is one that has been iterated multiple times throughout our podcasts – content. Content is key. There are many different tips and tricks and tiny optimizations you can perform, but without good solid content, your website will only get so far. As for what good content is comprised of, think of it this way – It’s your job to supply the content that meets the demands of your targeted audience base. If you’re creating a website/blog about artisan desserts, then your website should provide a plethora of information about artisan desserts, trending news about artisan desserts, and if you’re feeling especially enterprising, a place to buy artisan desserts. Your website should be as all inclusive and as user friendly as possible because you’re going to want your audience to – drumroll please- link back to it! If you’re unaware of why a drumroll was put in there, Linking was something we covered somewhat extensively on our last newsletter, further emphasizing on the fact that all of the SEO process is interconnected and woven together.

Further emphasizing on the point of user friendliness brought up before, our next piece of advice is to, rather than optimizing for keywords, optimize for users instead. Focus on your user base and create your page around them. Going back to the dessert example, your page on artisan desserts won’t be popular if it’s formatted like a page featuring mug shots of prison inmates. Likewise, a website featuring mug shots of prison inmates won’t be effective if it featured a pink background with buttons shaped like cake, although it would be callously humorous. Optimizing for keywords and spreading out keywords comes AFTER you optimize your page to fit your intended user. A good rule of thumb to go by is to think of your user and understand exactly what your user is trying to accomplish in order to generate a good look and feel based around those parameters.

Expanding on keywords, the new process for keywords is slightly different than before. Rather than using the same keyword over and over again effectively creating pages that the same thing 50 times, search engines are gravitating to websites that build and manage effective keyword themes. Rather than repeat the words “Delicious Cake” and saturate the specific page with 30 instances of it, creating synonyms, related words and secondary phrases for 20 of those instances would be more effective. Adding things to “Delicious Cake” such as “Very” or “Chocolate” or “How Many Calories Is” would help increase your SEO ranking because of the general theme and how it fits together. Further iterating on the artisan desserts example, if your basic keyword is desserts, and you want to create a keyword theme around that to structure your website, you might consider creating additional content centered on different types of froufrou dessert. Like crème brulee. Or tiramisu. Or crepes.

In conclusion, there are many things that affect the search engine ranking of your website, but On Page SEO and good content is by far one of the most substantial objects in the list. In addition to the important things that we’ve covered today, there are many other things that you can do to tweak the content of your page to make it more profitable for you in terms of business, and to make it reach higher spots in the search engine results page. If you’re interested in getting more of these tips every week, we encourage you to tune into our podcast which you can find out more about at over here. We also encourage you to fill out a website analysis form that you can find on our homepage at . From all of us here at, I bid you a good day, but most importantly, first page results.

Author: eweb-admin