Database Results Wizard Error The operation failed

This caught me totally of guard.  I opened my clients website one day and I had this error.  I do not know what happened how it got “upgraded” the usually referenced cause or how it worked the day before and then started generating this error the following morning.  None of that matters you need a solution fast.

If you go in your _fpClass folder of your site and edit the following file  You will want to change, At about line 19:

fp_DEBUG = False
fp_DEBUG = True

Now you might get an error message with the following:

Your page contains a query with user input parameters that could not be resolved

Thanks to Microsoft and their thorough debugging once again.

The quick solution I found was to replace the with the file that was there before the upgrade.  I would have been screwed if I did not have a backup on my development server.  When I replaced the new file with the old file all was well.  I thought I would do this blog entry for anyone who might not have the saving grace of a development server holding an older version.  So here is the older version I used.  Download here.

Author: eweb-admin