Google Apps add mail pop3 You cannot create a mail account for

If you are here you may be here because you received the error “You cannot create a mail account for youremail@yourdomain.cGoogle apps POP3om” when you were trying to add a pop3 account to your Google apps email.

In my case I was trying to import email from my existing POP3 account before I switched the mail provider to Google Apps. Google Apps did not like the fact that I was trying to add the email account that I was logged into. If this makes sense you are in the right place and I have the answer for you. Make up a bogus email address to get past the screen, on right, that is giving you a problem.

Once you get past that screen enter in the proper credentials and Gmail will bring in the emails.  You may want to leave the emails on the old server, I did, so make sure to check the “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server”


Good Luck.  -CB


Author: eweb-admin