How Google could save the world!!!!

Yes they can save the world.  Well if you believe that saving the rainforest is tantamount to saving the world, here is a great analysis that proves Google could save the world.

From Darren Booy – – Can’t remember if you have mentioned this before (Yahoos and Bings new weapon against Google!)  Every search saves 2 metres of the rainforest.

This afforded my ‘pointifying’ nerdiness.

The rainforest consists of 75million acres of the earth (remaining)

7500000 acres = 30351423168 m²

30 351 423 168 m² / 2 = 15 175 711 584  searches on Ecosia to single handed save the rainforest (remember ecosia donates 2 m²)

Ecosias release date was 3rd December (approx 513 days ago)  has so far saved 54 041 858 m²   SO 54 041 85 / 513 =   10, 534m² rainforest saved every day since its release

Now here is the interesting part.

(3035142316854041858) / 10534  = 2 876 151 days left of nominal searching patterns!

Current Remaining Rainforest – what  has already saved / average m2 saved every day = days left to save the rain forest!

2 876 151 /  365 = 7879 years of searching!!!

Of course this might reduce as other organisations are also working to save the rain forest + the rain forest is constantly reducing in size every day but is this really worth bothering to use Ecosia?

Now this really got me thinking..

Google has 9100000 every day in searches EVERY DAY, so what if GOOGLE adopted this policy as Ecosia?

(15175711584   54041858) / 9100000 = 1661 days!   (remember every search is 2m2)

1661 / 365 = 4.55 years! (not including Ecosia’s contribution)

What if GOOGLE, YAHOO (60m), MSN (28m), AOL(16m), ASK (13m) and ECOSIA  + OTHERS (6m) adopted this policy?

(1517571158454041858) / 21300000 = 709 days

709 /365 = 1.94 years the Rain forest will be completely protected

Pretty cool huh!!  😀   (you heard it here first!)

P.S.    There was a slght fallacy in my last email, 90m  searches a day for Google was based on figures based ONLY for the US in 2003!


Google ACTUALLY has 46230000 every day in searches EVERY DAY, so what if GOOGLE adopted this policy as Ecosia?

(15175711584   54041858) / 46230000 = 327 days!   (remember every search is 2m2)

So in less than a year Google could save the ENTIRE rainforest and therefore the Word!

Author: eweb-admin