Hsphere, register.com SSL certificate installation

I was trying to install a register.com SSL certificate to one of my domains on hsphere and the following process led to problems.

You do need to:

  • Give the domain a fixed IP
  • Turn on SSL
  • Generate a self signed SSL certificate
  • —-At this point you will notice two choices Import SSL certificate and Generate self signed SSL certificate you will choose the second option
  • Get the right details for the certificate these are the details for the owner/contact for the domain for which you are getting the certificate
  • Now you will get a screen with three parts SSL Certifcate Signing Request (CSR)(Which you need to copy SAVE and paste on register.com at the right time) also copy and save the Private Key. (let me stress SAVE both of these)
  • Now go to register.com and login.  Purchase a SSL certifcate and then get back to you main register.com screen and click activate now.
  • You will copy and paste the SSL Certificate Signing Request into the form on register.com
  • Register.com will email you a link and a code.  Click the link and enter the code.
  • Now go back to register.com and check the status of the certificate
  • When I was using the rapid ssl certificate I would press the submit query at the bottom of this page.
  • Now you wait for your certificate from Register.com
  • When I got the certificate and “click to edit” the certificate on the ssl page of the hsphere control panel there are a couple of boxes.  The first is Install certificate based on previously generated Certificate request.  When I was using rapidSSL. This is where I pasted the certificate.  You must open the .crt files in notepad and then copy the contents into the specific boxes.
  • Register provides 4 files and no combination of those files and the original (CSR) would work.  I always got Wrong key and certificate
  • In Hsphere click Disable SSL support
  • Then Click Import SSL Certificate
  • Past the Private Key, remember the one I stressed that you save, in the Private Key area
  • Open the crt, right click and open with notepad.
  • Copy all the stuff
  • Paste the stuff in the certificate area and submit
  • BINGO!!

I actually called register and got my money back.  Then I was going to install an new certificate from godaddy.  To make sure I it would work I wanted to start from scratch.  So I clicked Disable SSL support on the Edit SSL screen in Hsphere.  Then I noticed the import SSL certificate link.

Now to call Register and ask them to not undue the charges;)

Author: eweb-admin