kollinsoy.skyefenton .com agp . js wordpress

If you are here you were probably hacked and found this code as the list line of blog home page code.  Don’t fret, you can get rid of it.  It took me awhile to find the problomatic files and here is where I found them.

  • blogwp-contentthemesindex.php
  • AND
  • blogwp-contentthemesdefaultindex.php

This image is of the line of code I found in these files.

kollinsoy skyefenton agp . js WordPress hack
kollinsoy skyefenton agp . js WordPress hack

It seemed like I could delete one and then it would repopulate in the other file.  After removing the lines of code, I immediatly changed keys and passwords and followed the directions here http://codex.wordpress.org/FAQ_My_site_was_hacked.


My fingers are crossed.


Author: eweb-admin