Search engine optimization (seo) Houston case study

One of our clients Rattan Furniture (, in Houston Texas, was interested in doing search engine optimization (SEO).  This particular clients had a single page, we call it a business card, website for 3 years.  The website did very well in the Houston area as they are the only Rattan furniture store in Houston.  Actually they seem to be the only Rattan furniture store in the region.  She was looking to increase the number of clients that she was already receiving from surrounding cities such as Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Beaumont.  She was also looking to increase the number of clients from surrounding states like Oklahoma and Louisiana all while maintaining good search engine placement in Houston.  Since she only had a “business card” website I was concerned about their budget and willingness to actually pursue this type of campaign.

 I sat down with the owner and we started brain storming about costs associated with placing a single ad in a newspaper in each of those cities and quickly realized that she would be spending hundreds of dollars per month in each city.  We also talked about how difficult (almost impossible) it would be to track the efficacy of those ads.  It was very clear that there would be no more cost effective way to attract customers from those areas than to pursue a Search Engine Optimization campaign.   To start with she needed to invest in expanding her website so that it would have sufficient content, both photos and text, to be appealing both to the search engines that would send her traffic and to the individuals who arrived at her website.  Once this was completed we began the process of optimizing her pages for search engine placement. 

As of the writing of this article she has already achieved 1st place for four of the selected keywords.  As we move forward I will continue to up date this document.

Update: Now 8 of her 15 keywords are in the top 3 on Google, most of the remaining are on the first page.

Author: eweb-admin