#SEOpodcast 278- Doing Proper Research to Build Credibility


Chris Burres: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Charles Lewis: Hi, I’m Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris Burres: Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. This is podcast number 278.

Charles Lewis: 278.

Chris Burres: And this feels weird for us because we changed cameras and the new camera is way over there. I’m used to like somebody with the big old eyeballs –


Charles Lewis: There’s a lot of weird stuff that cameras for. We got the umbrella in here. The visual should be a lot clearer to those who happen to be watching.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: What I’m curious to see is how much losses we have when we upload from Ustream to YouTube.

Chris Burres: Oh, yeah. See –

Charles Lewis: Right?

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: It should be a little better.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: Right? And so, it’s definitely weird. So –

Chris Burres: Podcast –

Charles Lewis: …that’s what’s up.

Chris Burres: …getting better hopefully. Like I said this is podcast number 278. In the previous podcast, we had this tip, “Do the proper research when creating content to build credibility.”

Charles Lewis: Yeah, any time you’re creating content that you intend on publishing, that you intend on sharing, that you want people to absorb, to read, to use, do the proper research. Make sure you have the outbound links. Make sure that the content you’re creating is actually factual and that it’s true and real. That it’s relevant.

And the only way you can do that is by doing the right research. And when you do that, then you do build that credibility and users will share it. They will appreciate it because they can trust it.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: Research builds trust, builds credibility which should [Laughter] lead to great content and leads, frankly.

Chris Burres: So, I think the moral of that is just opinion blogs all by themselves are not, you know, not necessarily the way –

Charles Lewis: Yeah.

Chris Burres: …you want to go with – if you go on to be a credible source.

Charles Lewis: Yeah.

Chris Burres: Unless you’re going to be a credible source for your own opinion.

Charles Lewis: For your own opinion.

Chris Burres: Then there’s only one better.

Charles Lewis: [Laughter]

Chris Burres: I don’t know who it is but there’s got to be one better. Alright. Remember we are broadcasting live from Houston, Texas. And we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers –

Charles Lewis: Top position snatchers.

Chris Burres: …where our mantra is –

Charles Lewis: “Don’t be a douche.”

Chris Burres: “Do not be a douche.” So, we do have an article today. And that article is…

Charles Lewis: Man, I want to give a quick punch in the face to Scott Gerber –

Chris Burres: PITF.

Charles Lewis: …and the guys over at Search –

Chris Burres: PITF.

Charles Lewis: …Engine Journal. He posted an article, 13 Unexpectedly Great Marketing Tactics.

Chris Burres: Ooh.

Charles Lewis: 13

Chris Burres: Right.

Charles Lewis: …Unexpectedly Great Marketing Tactics.


Chris Burres: The lucky number, yeah.

Charles Lewis: Exactly. So, we will dive in here some pretty good ones. Of course, we will tie this in to online marketing because that’s what we do. And stay tune, I think you’ll like it.

Chris Burres: Excellent. Alright. So, if you’re new to the podcast, howdy? Welcome.

Charles Lewis: Welcome. How you doing?

Chris Burres: Glad you can join us. We’re going to get –

Charles Lewis: Appreciate you coming.

Chris Burres: We’re going to get through what we call the potatoes here shortly. We’ll get to the meat of the podcast but don’t skip the potatoes because we kind of think they’re tasty.

Charles Lewis: Yeah.

Chris Burres: Normally –

Charles Lewis: Like garlic roasted.

Chris Burres: Yeah, hmm. Normally what I would do is actually go in to this segment about how you can leave us a review, today, we don’t do that. And the reason we don’t do that is because at least 10 people have – in –


Charles Lewis: Yeah.

Chris Burres: …10 additional people have followed us or liked us –

Charles Lewis: On Twitter –

Chris Burres: …or –


Charles Lewis: …Instagram, Facebook that we’ve got new fans across the board.

Chris Burres: And in this case, it’s 10 new ones on our Best SEO Podcast.

Charles Lewis: Oh, that’s cool.

Chris Burres: Right? So, we got 1658. I thought about leaving it off but I was like, you know, we’ll leave it on.

Charles Lewis: Yeah, leave it on.

Chris Burres: We get 2 new – 10 new people who are following us on our Twitter Best SEO Podcast page, then boom, we don’t do the review section. What we do though is we tell you ways that you can follow us –

Charles Lewis: Yeah.

Chris Burres: …hunt us and harass us.

Charles Lewis: Definitely.

Chris Burres: And actually, we skip one part. If you can and you see the screen behind us –

Charles Lewis: Yeah.

Chris Burres: …there’s these things like # –

Charles Lewis: #.

Chris Burres: …and @. What should they do with that?

Charles Lewis: Man, you should tweet us.

Chris Burres: Tweet.

Charles Lewis: Tweet us. Instagram us. Facebook us. But just make sure when you do that, you use the #SEOPodcast. This is number 278. On Twitter, be sure to tag us in it, @ewebstyle, @BestSEOPodcast. That way, we can follow you back and do all of our social networking stuff.

Chris Burres: Excellent. And there are ways that you can follow us –

Charles Lewis: Yes.

Chris Burres: …other than just that. You can do Facebook.com/ –

Charles Lewis: ewebstyle.

Charles Lewis: twitter.com/ –

Chris Burres: ewebstyle.

Chris Burres: There’s also youtube.com/ –

Charles Lewis: ewebstyle.

Chris Burres: And Instagram.com/ –

Charles Lewis: ewebstyle.

Chris Burres: All of those are ways that you can hunt us, stalk us, harass us. And we really appreciate that. If you are a PHP expert, a WordPress extraordinaire guru, we’re probably looking for you. Please call. Leave an audio resume, 713-510-7846. If you are looking for a website analysis, you can get one at our website which is –

Charles Lewis: e-webstyle.com.

Chris Burres: e-webstyle.com. There, you will find somewhere a link to our website analysis.

Charles Lewis: Yup.

Chris Burres: I just got to one. It was less than 30 days old. So, I was kind of celebrating. And by the way, punch in the face to that, Scott Wemhoff. Now, he’s with homeproinsider.com. And one of the things that I gave him advice about was that the domain in no way reflects what he does because he does aerial photography. You know, with those drones.

Charles Lewis: Okay, yeah.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: I didn’t get that from the name.

Chris Burres: Yeah.


Charles Lewis: I’m assuming that he was –


Charles Lewis: …maybe real estate.

Chris Burres: An expert inside real estate –

Charles Lewis: Something with Home Pro –

Chris Burres: …or –

Charles Lewis: …Insider, it could have been –

Chris Burres: Yeah. It’s real estate for sure –


Charles Lewis: Maybe –

Chris Burres: …real estate –

Charles Lewis: Like you could have been like remodels.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: It could have been – okay.

Chris Burres: Yeah. So, that’s something that maybe doing. Maybe getting a DBA and changing it to luxury apartment aerial videographer, right?

Charles Lewis: Okay, there you go. Yeah.

Chris Burres: Because he’s got – his website is beautiful. The website, again, homeproinsider.com has got some beautiful –

Charles Lewis: Aerial –

Chris Burres: …videos –

Charles Lewis: …videos and –

Chris Burres: Aerial videos –

Charles Lewis: …photos?

Chris Burres: Yeah. Where the drone is flying through the gazebo across the pool, man.

Charles Lewis: Oh, man.

Chris Burres: It’s just really cool stuff.

Charles Lewis: That’s awesome.

Chris Burres: Yeah. So, yeah. He called for a free website analysis. Within 30 days, we got back to him and he’s got his website analysis. Do we have any Algo Cat today?

Charles Lewis: We do have some Algo Cat.

Chris Burres: It is time for our favorite segment of the podcast, the Algorithm Cataclysm.

Charles Lewis: Cataclysm. [Making Sound]

Chris Burres: [Making Sound]

Charles Lewis: Alright. So, the new camera worked on.

Chris Burres: Yeah, we got a –


Charles Lewis: I can’t reach it.

Chris Burres: I need the Algo –


Chris Burres: …Cataclysm prod. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis: [Laughter] So, dig this. So, remember we talked about Google and Twitter renewing their relationship. And now, eventually, we start seeing live tweets and things like that in search results page.

Chris Burres: Right.

Charles Lewis: That’s rolled out.

Chris Burres: Okay.

Charles Lewis: It’s official now. Only difference is they haven’t rolled it out for desktop searches yet.

Chris Burres: Interesting.

Charles Lewis: Interesting.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: They’ve only did it for mobile and the way they present them, so it’s not like inside your search results page you’ll see, you know, Twitter feeds sprinkled in, no. They did a Twitter carousel. And so, showing –

Chris Burres: Okay.

Charles Lewis: …tweets related to whatever you search.

Chris Burres: Across the top?

Charles Lewis: Across the top.

Chris Burres: Oh, great.

Charles Lewis: Only on mobile devices.

Chris Burres: Interesting.

Charles Lewis: Interesting.

Chris Burres: I can kind of see that because when I’m on my mobile device, I’m kind of looking for short bits of information.

Charles Lewis: Exactly.

Chris Burres: I don’t really want to read long articles.

Charles Lewis: I’m not going to click this link.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: Like I will – depends on where I’m at.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: If I’m on my phone, just procrastinate and try to kill some time while waiting, I will definitely read it.

Chris Burres: Longer than –


Charles Lewis: But, you know –

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: …if I’m waiting in line –

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: …you know, that tweet is just what I need.

Chris Burres: Yup. I –

Charles Lewis: And so –

Chris Burres: …I can get through about three tweets before –

Charles Lewis: Exactly.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: Before I need to place my order. [Laughter]

Chris Burres: Yup.

Charles Lewis: Or whatever I’m doing.

Chris Burres: Yup.

Charles Lewis: So, that’s the Algo Cat, man. I think it’s a good deal. I think what that – the marketing takeaway from that is make sure you’re tweeting. Make sure you’re being social. Make sure not only that you’re tweeting, but that you’re tweeting information and your tweets include –

Chris Burres: Keywords for which you would like to be displayed.

Charles Lewis: Exactly.

Chris Burres: Wow.

Charles Lewis: So, you can’t just be tweeting out random stuff. You know, tweet stuff that has value that includes links back to your site and more importantly, that includes phrases that people actually look for.

Chris Burres: Yup, awesome. That was our Algorithm Cataclysm. Alright. So, I just got one piece of news that I –

Charles Lewis: Okay.

Chris Burres: …thought was – got – do you got some pieces?

Charles Lewis: I got – you know, I got news.

Chris Burres: Let me get something off topic. And I just – this is – you know, David Letterman, right, last show –

Charles Lewis: Man, he says dude –

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: …like – yeah.

Chris Burres: Amazing. What was amazing to see was I was watching Conan O’Brien. I don’t really watch him very often but he was on. And his whole dialogue – I mean his whole monologue, he talked about how – well, he started the show and then David actually came on the show. And until David Letterman came on to the Conan O’Brien show, his show was tanking. And then David Letter came on and everything –

Charles Lewis: And everything changed.

Chris Burres: …everything changed. Like the whole attitude at the office, “Hey, if he’s willing to come here, then we proudly can make it and all that stuff.” And so, he was appreciative.

Charles Lewis: That’s what’s up.

Chris Burres: He said he was – because his show they’re offset by 20 minutes or something, he said the minute that his show came on air, David Letterman’s on other channel, he was going to let people know. And he told them go watch David Letterman. And that’s cool.

Charles Lewis: That’s called –


Chris Burres: Jimmy –

Charles Lewis: …paying respects.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: You know, like man, I appreciate –

Chris Burres: You opened –

Charles Lewis: …that.

Chris Burres: …doors. You were – kept the door open after Johnny Carson if you will. So –

Charles Lewis: Yeah.

Chris Burres: And remember he created the show after Johnny Carson. There was only the Late Night Johnny Carson show and then –

Charles Lewis: Then –

Chris Burres: …David Letterman –

Charles Lewis: …Letterman came with the – yeah.

Chris Burres: He’s just breaking barriers, amazing guy. So, very cool. And how about some more news?

Charles Lewis: So, I got all kind of news here, industry-related news. First, so I thought this is actually kind of interesting. YP, the Yellow Pages, partnered up with Uber.

Chris Burres: Okay.

Charles Lewis: Partnered up with Uber bringing cars to your doors. So, but now dig this though. They tie it to restaurants. So, going down that whole path.

Chris Burres: Interesting.

Charles Lewis: Yes. And so, you can literally –


Charles Lewis: …search for a restaurant on let’s say yp.com and the link you will see says, “Hey, do you need an Uber to get there?”

Chris Burres: Send a vehicle.

Charles Lewis: Send a vehicle.

Chris Burres: Wow.

Charles Lewis: Uber, punch in the face to you –

Chris Burres: Wow –


Charles Lewis: …guys. They’re making huge strides. A matter of fact, do you realize they also just hired Google’s former SVP of Communications?

Chris Burres: I think I’ve seen something along those lines.

Charles Lewis: Left Google and went to work at Uber. Dude, like keep doing what you’re doing. You guys are apparently doing something right. More news. Bing hit 20% of search share.

Chris Burres: Wow. Was that up or down?

Charles Lewis: That’s up.

Chris Burres: [Laughter]

Charles Lewis: [Laughter] That’s up – it’s up from – it’s from 18%.

Chris Burres: Wow.

Charles Lewis: They jumped 2% this point.


So, I thought that was pretty cool. Last one, speaking of jumped up, Google posted their first quarter profits of 2015 –


Charles Lewis: …3.59 billion for the first quarter.

Chris Burres: Wow.

Charles Lewis: Just slight increase from the 3.4 same period last year.

Chris Burres: Wow.

Charles Lewis: And my last bit of news, man, this goes to – punch in the face to my guy, Matt Mullenweg. Man, he’s the owner of Automatic. Automatic is the company that founded WordPress. And they just bought out WooThemes. 30 million dollar purchase for WooThemes. And so, WooThemes is the company that build WooCommerce and –

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: …builds all that kind of WordPress –

Chris Burres: A lot of themes –

Charles Lewis: …e-commerce –

Chris Burres: …stuff too, right?

Charles Lewis: Yeah.


Charles Lewis: A lot of themes stuff. And so, I understand the purchase –

Chris Burres: Yup.

Charles Lewis: …right? Especially with WooCommerce being – what was the number? 24% of all e-commerce sites –

Chris Burres: Wow.

Charles Lewis: …right on. Now, Magento had a bigger percentage ironically –

Chris Burres: Oh, yeah.

Charles Lewis: …which probably won’t last long because –

Chris Burres: Not for long because –

Charles Lewis: …especially –


Charles Lewis: …consider our recent experience. [Laughter]

Chris Burres: Yeah. Yeah. We –

Charles Lewis: And we’ll actually using that in the example in today’s content.

Chris Burres: Oh, okay.

Charles Lewis: And so –

Chris Burres: Yeah, okay. Cool.

Charles Lewis: …about that specific situation.

Chris Burres: Yeah, You can learn a little bit about pains that we’ve experienced with Magento and frankly, the joy [Laughter] of working with WooCommerce.

Charles Lewis: Yeah.

Chris Burres: Yup.

Charles Lewis: So, that’s my news. The last one, man, and this shouldn’t come new to most of my people out there who do SEO. Google is no longer calling it Webmaster Tools.

Chris Burres: Right.

Charles Lewis: It’s rebranded to Google Search Console.

Chris Burres: Okay.

Charles Lewis: That’s – I think the name is lame.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: I understand the purpose of changing from Webmaster Tools because I don’t consider myself a webmaster.

Chris Burres: Yeah, yeah.

Charles Lewis: You know what I’m saying? But Google Search Console just seems a bit lame.

Chris Burres: I mean Google –

Charles Lewis: Could have came up with something –

Chris Burres: Search –


Charles Lewis: …better.

Chris Burres: …God Console.

Charles Lewis: Yeah.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: Just call it a, you know, Chucking them.

Chris Burres: [Laughter]

Charles Lewis: [Laughter]

Chris Burres: Top position snatcher –

Charles Lewis: Snatcher, yeah.

Chris Burres: …dashboard.

Charles Lewis: Console –


Charles Lewis: Exactly. So, that’s my news, man. But, you know, I’m excited for the changes Google is making. They’re applying a lot more tools in Webmaster – in the Google Search Console. If you haven’t logged in frequently, you should.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: Go check it out.

Chris Burres: Excellent. That’s a pro-tip free. Alright. So, any more PITFs or anything?

Charles Lewis: I got a PITF.

Chris Burres: I tell you – let me do this review and then –

Charles Lewis: Okay.

Chris Burres: …we’ll get to the PITF. So, right. This was on Facebook. That is – this is from Adam Butler. And it is 5 stars.

Charles Lewis: 5 stars.

Chris Burres: It says, “I’ve been listening for years since the way back days in 2011. No question, your podcast is one of the best SEO resources on the internet and by far, the most entertaining.” Thank you. Punch in the face –

Charles Lewis: Punch in the face to you.

Chris Burres: …Mr. Adam –

Charles Lewis: Appreciate.

Chris Burres: …Butler. “Thanks for making it not boring and keeping us on top of the latest Algo Cats. You’ve taught me well and helped me succeed with my job more than you’ll ever know. Punch in the face for life.”

Charles Lewis: Man. Yeah, that’s what’s up. Look, Adam, we’re glad it’s working for you. Appreciate that. That means a lot.

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Charles Lewis: It really does.

Chris Burres: It does. You don’t have a link? We could have given you a little link love but punch in the – we’ll give you the punch in the face love that you deserve –

Charles Lewis: Hey –

Chris Burres: …Adam –


Chris Burres: …Butler. It’s cool when people call in and they’ve been podcast listeners. I always ask, “So, how many have you listened to?” Because I don’t really want to say, “Yeah, punch in the face –

Charles Lewis: Punch in the face.

Author: Chris Burres

Chris Burres is the owner of eWebResults. He has been an entrepreneur since 1991 when he started a Carbon Nano-Materials manufacturing company, SES Research. In 1999 with a graphic design partner he opened E-Webstyle (now eWebResults), a website design and development company.

Chris started honing his search engine optimization skills in 2001 for a select few projects. It was 3 years later when E-Webstyle started offering the service of 1st page search engine placement to their clients.

In an effort to give back to the SEO community Chris co-created and is currently the co-host of the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes The SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing”. Through this podcast, Chris is an internationally recognized SEO expert and Internet Marketing expert.