Setting up POP3 email with AT&T DSL in Outlook

– Go to and login into the Mail account.
– On the Right hand side Click Options’ link
– Click Mail Options


– Click POP & Forwarding link on left column

Verify Third Party Email Address with AT&T to use with Outlook and AT&T DSL connection

(If you bump into a “Pardon our appearance during construction” page just click the link underneath the section: Set up or

edit POP & Forwarding)

– On the right hand side of the Pop Access & Forwarding click Options


– You should see a 3 column Mail Options page, focus on the Managment column and Click on Mail Address link

Verify Third Party Email Address with AT&T to use with Outlook and AT&T DSL connection

On the next screen click the Add button


– Add The Account’s ID (like Work or Web Email) click continue

– Enter NAme and Email Address (Third Party email address) click continue
– Skip the Step 3
– Click on Send Verification

– A verification code will be sent to the third party email address. Enter that code into the following screen.

– Click Verify

– Now it should take you to a login page where you need to log in into the AT&T account one more time (VERY IMPORTANT YOU

– The Account has been verified.

– Now, the Outlook set up should look like this:

User Info: User name and third party email address
Server Info:
Account Type: POP3
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:

Logon Info:
Username: (third party email)
Password: ***** (enter password)

– Click on More Settings on the right hand side.
Select the Outgoing Server Tab from the top
Check “My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”
click on “Log on using
enter the email address associated with the dsl account ( and password.
Require secure password authentication (SPA) should be unchecked

– Now select Advanced tab from the top

change your outgoing server(SMTP) port to 465 instead of 25 and select SSL under the encrypted connection drop down menu.
Click OK
Test Account


Author: eweb-admin