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Sixty-eighth Internet Marketing Podcast July 9th 2010. First page of Show Notes

The Search Engine Baidu and SEO

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up, everybody? Welcome back and guess what? It’s 9:15 Central Standard Time. Whoo hoo!

Chris: Give or take, E-Webtsyle time.

Chris and

Paul: [Laughter]

Paul: Don’t expect us next week. [Laughter]

Chris: Oh, yeah. Actually, we’re — I’m glad you reminded me or maybe you were just saying it. [Laughter]

Paul: Oh, yeah, I was just saying that.

Chris: Next Friday, I’m going to be in court. Don’t worry, it’s just traffic ticket. So we’re going to do our podcast on Thursday morning. So if you’re going to tune in for the videocast Thursday morning, I’ll put something out on USTREAM to kind of warn our listeners of which it looks like we have this one today. Thank you for watching. Maybe it’s Darren Booy. Maybe it’s — whoever you are, thank you for watching. We really appreciate everybody. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. You’re watching the most popular SEO podcast on USTREAM.

Paul: I would say you’re probably watching the biggest, baddest, best one.

Chris: The biggest, baddest, best SEO podcast in perpetuity.

Paul: There you go. That was — dude, I like that. That was good.

Chris: Somebody should write that down later. As usual, we like to cover what we covered on the last podcast. Last podcast, we talked about pay-per-click. This is an SEO podcast, why would we talk about — Paul, why would we talk about pay-per-click?

Paul: How about, it works?

Chris: It works. It’s part of an overall internet marketing campaign and basically we said, look, a lot of the proposals that are going out of our office right now are heavily weighted towards just because the budget, you know, the pay-per-click are heavily weighted in dollars towards pay-per-click so we felt that it’s something that we need to talk about on our podcast. Yes, we’re doing SEO for those clients. Yes, we’re kicking butt and we’re also doing some really novel and excellent things with their pay-per-click campaigns. So if you had any questions about whether we handle both, absolutely we do handle both and there’s a lot of advantage. You can imagine, if it’s worth being on the first page, isn’t it worth being on the first page

Paul: Hey, why not?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I’ll take as many — how about three times with the maps?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I’ll take as many as I can get.

Chris: With the maps and then the actual listing, you know, they’ll give the kind of like a site map so you got local places. We’re going to be talking about local places ’cause some weird — we noticed some —

Paul: Yes, some weird stuff came up.

Chris: — frustrating stuff.

Paul: Let me reiterate to everybody. If you’re just now joining in to the podcast, go back and listen to the last podcast which was —

Chris: Last podcast was 67.

Paul: — 67. It was a great podcast. I were one, when we started on the podcast, was not a big PPC person and I have since kind of — my eyes have been opened to pay-per-click and now I — it’s a great way to market and it’s so — go back and listen to that podcast. I feel like it was an awesome podcast. I learned a lot. I think you guys will too.

Chris: Frankly, there are some things that you can do with pay-per-click that you cannot do with SEO.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I mean it’s just how it is.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So hey, we’ve got a listener in Saint Croix.

Paul: Really?

Chris: Yeah, we got a listener in Saint Croix.

Paul: Wow! That’s what’s up.

Chris: That is what’s up.

Paul: Saint Croix. Whoever is listening in Saint Croix, send us a picture. Oh, crap. Darren, I meant to send you some pictures like months ago.

Chris: Oh, he sent an e-mail that we’re going to add and review. Darren, we’re falling behind on that. Although we did notice, did you go to the Facebook page? I sent you — I said, “Hey, go look…”

Paul: I did. I forgot what was there though.

Chris: He accepted the challenge.

Paul: Oh, the challenge. That’s right.

Chris: So in the last podcast we put together a little — I don’t even know how to — animated — you know, Paul is wearing a birdhouse.

Paul: A birdhouse on my head.

Chris: I’m wearing like Princess Leia speaker ears.

Paul: Yes, speaker ears, yeah.

Chris: So we put our podcast there — the transcript of our podcast into a little video. You can find that — hey, while we’re talking about finding us, you could find that at You can follow us on Twitter, You can e-mail us at You can find our YouTube page,, Y-O-U-tube.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Right? Very good. Yes, so Darren has accepted the challenge. We kind of, in the last podcast, challenged him to do better. He’s done some amazing stuff for us just kind of as a faithful listener, I guess. We really appreciate that in Darren. A little bit of news —

Paul: Saint Croix, ooh, Saint Croix.

Chris: Yes, Saint Croix. Send a picture.

Paul: Oh, I thought that was a review from Saint Croix. [Laughter]

Chris: Oh, no, no. we got an e-mail from somebody — I know you saw it, who said they submitted a — I don’t remember if you know who it is. They — maybe the e-mail came to me. Anyway, they’re looking for an SEO analysis. They’ve been listening to the podcast for a while. They submitted an iTunes review, and I don’t know which one it is so I don’t know —

Paul: And that I do get that e-mail and I am a little behind on the analysis, guys. You will get it though. I think I’ve got like four to do. Don’t worry. You will get it. They are still free. You will get it. We have been busy so it’s, you know, we got to put that on the backboard a little bit. But everyone that submitted one will get an analysis.

Chris: Excellent. I only got one thing in news. Usually, I get a couple more. This is interesting. So Baidu, the —

Paul: Erykah?

Chris: — Chinese search engine —

Paul: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Chris: — is suing Recently, some Iranian web hijackers — I would say terrorists but I have no idea if they have terrorist intentions. They were just, you know, they just hijacked the website. They hijacked the largest Chinese search engine and defaced it for — defaced their website for a couple of hours.

Paul: Like they bought the name?

Chris: No. So what they ended up doing — so this is — I don’t know if you know like classic computer hacking often has more to do with —

Paul: No, I don’t. I really don’t. I don’t know why you asked.

Chris: [Laughter] I don’t even know where you’re going. The answer is no. so classic hacking often has a lot more to do with — I forget what the term is but it’s like people hacking. So picking up the phone and somehow getting into — I don’t know. Say, you want to hack IBM so somehow you get into IBM and you get in as a cleaner, not like a killer cleaner but like a sweeper on the floor cleaner, and you just end up in the office and pick up the phone and you dial IT support. You’re a hacker so you already know that and you call and you say, “Hey, I forgot my password,” right? So that socio-engineering is what they call it, so social engineering hacking. So they end up just cajoling or being in the right place or giving the right pretense or speaking with authority. I’m the CEO. I need my damn password now. What? I can’t. That’s against policy. No, did I say no. Do you want your job in the morning? Don’t script that ’cause I just — we don’t need that.

Anyway, so that’s what the Iranian hackers did. They called up and without giving the proper credentials, the assistant —

Paul: The rep.

Chris: — or whatever — rep, the representative of actually changed the e-mail address associated with the or Baidu. whatever website. So now they had access to it and they redirected it and hacked it.

Paul: Wow! You know what? I probably say that, you know, where should I come? I assume it’s based in the US and I assume that the person that was on the phone has no idea what was ’cause most people that I know don’t know what it was.

Chris: Right.

Paul: I didn’t know until about six months ago when I think we asked the question what’s the number 2 search engine in the world and it was Baidu —

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: — cause it was based on Asia which obviously has billions and billions more people than other worlds.

Chris: Did you ever use to watch — I’m going to try to remember his name. He was a wacky British guy late night TV, Benny Hill.

Paul: I’ve heard the name.

Chris: Yeah, Benny Hill. He always used to — he had this joke like “Once upon a time there were two Chinese men. Now, look how many there are.”

Paul: Is he like the religious, like a spiritual speaker, like a religious guy?

Chris: Absolutely not. [Laughter]

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Whatever you go —

Paul: I made that up.

Chris: No.

Chris and

Paul: [Laughter]

Chris: No, he was like the British pervert on TV and he had a little skinny head and he was always tapping the little skinny sidekick on the head and they have this na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na music going on. It’s good. Look it up. I’m sure there’s got to be on YouTube now of Benny Hill and maybe Darren Booy out there —

Paul: What isn’t on YouTube these days?

Chris: Yeah. I don’t k
now. Where are my links at? Where are my links — this is just going through my head. If you guys haven’t checked out the Swagger Wagon Toyota video, go check it out. It’s just killer awesomely cool.

Paul: It’s awesome.

Chris: And a while back we were like kind of trying to figure out where our links on our Google went and in my head I just — all I have is if you’ve listened to Swagger Wagon, where are my links at? Except we don’t get the answer like in the video they get the answer.

Paul: Google said, “We have your links and shut up.”

Chris: Nanny nanny boo-boo.

Paul: Yeah, pretty much.

Chris: Now, the interesting thing about that Baidu case is that the US judge says there’s enough evidence to allow it to proceed, right? So Baidu has brought it up and it’s gross negligence. What’s the value — well, I don’t know. What would be the value of shutting down Google for two hours? That’s some serious dough.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Dough. Just take whatever the 32 billion a year and divide it by —

Paul: So whoever did that got fired.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Fired quickly.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: And it kind of sucks for them ’cause they probably had no idea what Baidu was and how big it is ’cause most people just go through —

Chris: Well, and they just didn’t follow the policies and again, you know, there’s been times when I’ve been on the phone answering those questions and they’ve given me kind of enough hands, you know, whatever so you end up “Oh, yeah.”

Paul: And work your way around it.

Chris: You feel like you’ve worked your way around it and we’ve worked around technical issues before. We’ve done some social engineering where we had to. You know, ’cause we’re cleaner-uppers sometimes when it comes to websites. All right. So what else do we got? Darren Booy accepted the challenge. We got Google Local Places coming up, and we got a couple of tools that we want to talk about.

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