Tips for Marketing your Content – Social Media Edition!

Hello and welcome to this week’s E-Webstyle Newsletter. On this week, we talk about Content Marketing in our article Quick Tips for Marketing your Content – Social Media Edition! Engage in Social Media is Key This may seem like a redundant tip, but engaging in social media is extremely important in marketing your content – a constant upkeep and maintenance of social media is a must if you want it to succeed. If you’re the sole person running 5-6 important aspects of a company, you may eventually put social media on the backburner in favor or more important things. This, however, is a mistake. Social Media is an important aspect of business, and also, is an important aspect of e-commerce. The two main reasons why social media is important is that   A) Fans become your Sales Team. This is a very important aspect of Social Media, and ultimately, one of the goals that you should be shooting for whenever you engage in Social Media. Fans becoming your salesmen/product ambassadors increase sales and the longevity/interest of a product. At the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be a product either, it could be a webpage, interesting piece of content that you put together, or even a video that you threw up onto your webpage.   B) Fans Market through word of mouth This is more of an extension on point A. One of the most effective marketing strategies for generating interest and hype in a product is word of mouth. If enough people like it, they’ll tell their friends. And if their friends like it, they’ll tell their other friends. And so on and so forth. Word of Mouth marketing is very hard to facilitate and achieve without social media and constant community outreach.   In concept, this sounds good. But how do you achieve this status with your fans/customers? One thing to remember is that the CUSTOMER is always right. The CUSTOMER is always going to be the hero. If they’re well, you can bet that they’re going to share the wonderful and unique experience that you gave to them. If you put good in, you’re going to get good out.

Author: eweb-admin