Top Three Reasons why your Content is not Connecting

There comes a time in every website proprietor’s life where they’ll sit in front of a computer screen, look at their analytics report, and finally, realize that instead of getting more and more unique visits each month, they’re getting less and less. We’ve all been there before; the feeling isn’t good. There could be a good number of reasons to why your website is receiving less traffic than it was a few months ago. One of the reasons for this all-too-common phenomenon is that your content isn’t making a proper impact on the viewer. Another possible but highly unlikely explanation is that the entirety of your viewing audience/clientele got abducted by giant purple space octopi. If you suspect the latter explanation as the correct diagnosis of your problem, your best bet isn’t with – it’s with the Men in Black. However, if you suspect that your website is the victim of your content not connecting, you’re in luck. We’re about to go over the top three reasons why your content doesn’t connect. Oh, and as a disclaimer – your content is pretty much the bread and butter of your website. We’re going to be using a lot of bread examples from herein…so you’d breadder prepare yourself.

  1. Your Content is Stale Stale content is a lot like stale bread. You stare at it for a very long period of time because you know that it’s been there for 2 years short of a century, and instead of doing anything with it, you look at it and contemplate if you’d rather hit someone over the head with it or throw it away. Likewise, stale content has the appeal to a reader as much as a hunk of stale bread does. If you were wondering how much that appeal is, try biting into a hunk of stale bread. You’ll figure it out immediately.The point to take away from this is that you have to keep it fresh. Don’t re-use old content over and over again. And if the last update of your blog was in December of 2012, and that’s where you had the highest spike of visitors, well, now you have the reason why.
  2. Your Content is Dry Dry content is a lot like dry bread. There are certain places where it could be useful and beneficial, but the majority of the time, you’re going to have an extremely hard time choking it down. What do I mean by dry? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s a couple of bullet points that will help you identify whether or not your content is dry. * You sound like a school teacher * You’re writing essays where you’re supposed to be writing excerpts * You can hear Ben Stein reading one of your articles like a Visine commercial * You’re counting ceiling tiles halfway through reading the article in a room that doesn’t have ceiling tiles
  3. Your Content Doesn’t Taste Good What? What on earth could that mean? Content not tasting good? Relax. It’s a metaphor. Bad tasting bread, no matter how pretty it looks, will largely remain uneaten or half eaten. Likewise, poorly generated content that “tastes bad” for the user will remain largely unread or read only halfway through. Before you put something out for the public to see, you have to go through a thorough routine to make sure that it’s exactly what you want it to be. Remember, everything you do or put out on your website reflects a portion of yourself, albeit a tiny one. You have to be twice as passionate as you want your audience to be about your content. If you have a hard time convincing yourself that what you’re doing is worthwhile and interesting, you’re going to have an even harder time trying to convince someone else. With that, our newsletter draws to a close for now. Thanks again for stopping by. All of us at E-Webstyle bid you a good day, and most importantly, first page results!

Author: eweb-admin