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Veterinarian SEO, SEO for veterinary practicesSEO for Veterinarians

Are you wondering why your veterinarian clinic isn’t showing up on the first page of google? Or why your phone isn’t ringing? One word comes to mind, SEO.

eWebResults can take care of all your veterinarian marketing needs so you can focus on the exam room. Veterinary marketing can be challenging. Most pet owners typically don’t reach out to a veterinarian until something bad happens to their pet and they’re suddenly in need.

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Will It Really Make a Difference?

Like most businesses, veterinary clinics still depend on verbal referrals or conventional advertising strategies to drive new business. They don’t see their website as much more than an online business card and a place to make appointments. But the truth is that you can – and should – use your website to gain new customers!

Take a look at some of the numbers, and see why it truly can have a major effect on your veterinary clinic:

  • 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information about businesses, such as addresses, business hours, phone numbers, and more
  • 87% of adults in the U.S. use the internet
  • 58% of those adults access the internet with a smartphone
  • 92% of consumers read online reviews
  • 80% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal referral

Do you want:

  • More Phone Calls
  • More Traffic
  • More Money

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Why SEO Matters for Veterinary Practices

When people search for a veterinarian for their pets, they aren’t looking for just anybody. We all adore our pets and know they deserve the best. A pet parent is looking for someone they can trust, someone who is knowledgeable and experienced, and someone their pet is comfortable with. We all know taking your pet to the vet isn’t a walk in the park.

Every veterinarian strives to be a place where pets and pet owners can feel safe and comfortable. Just because you offer free treats for pets doesn’t mean you’re going to get clients in the door.

So how do you get them to choose your practice, when it’s time to bring their pets in for a checkup or when they’re sick or injured, especially when there are tons of veterinary practices out there? Lets pause for a minute, open up Google and do a quick search in your area for veterinarians, now search through and find your page. I bet you’re a little shocked at where you’re ranked, aren’t you?

Now think about this, this is when the potential customer takes a seat in front of their computer and discovers where the closest veterinary centers are and, even more importantly, what other individuals think about those clinics.

Remember, SEO is important for your business, but so are the right reviews!


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Veterinarian SEO, Veterinarian Website designThe Benefits of SEO

Now that you know a little more about SEO, I bet you’re wondering what the benefits are?


When you rank well in search engine results, people will see your company’s name before they see any of your competitors. Having that instant brand recognition can really pay off when clients start comparing businesses and reaching out. After all, a client needs to know who you are before they can bring their pet to you.


The cost of an SEO program is considerably lower than most traditional marketing campaigns. SEO takes some time to really begin working, but that patience pays off when you realize how much you are saving. People who are using Google and other search engines to research your industry are already considering your services. You just need to point them to your website.


The reduced cost of SEO means you can more effortlessly attain an optimistic revenue for your marketing budget. The greater interest among search engine users combined with your top position in search results are all designed to get you more clients. The outcome is higher earnings for lower costs.

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Turning your veterinary website into an influential marketing tool through SEO strategies offers a lot of amazing benefits, especially when compared to more traditional advertising channels.

Rather than sending snail mail and hoping someone remembers your name when their pets need help, you can make sure your website is the first thing they see when they decide to take action and get their pets to the vet.

SEO is a powerful way to track online behavior. You never have to worry about being tied to the same old strategy if it’s proving ineffective.


Data will show how people interact with your site, how long they stick around, and when/where they leave. You can see how many people visit every day, and find out which efforts have the most impact on your success.

It’s affordable and truly measurable, which means you can save time and money while also increasing website visibility, customers, and profits!

An internet marketing package with eWebResults can help you:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Get more clients through the door
  • Get more calls and increase leads
  • Help customers find you more easily
  • Get ranked higher in search results
  • Outrank the competition with highly successful marketing strategies
  • Convert website visitors into customers
  • Increase profits and grow!

Interested in growing your business so you can help more animals? So are we. Call us today to get started.

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