Vicky Carrillo

Internet Marketing Specialist

Vicky is another one of our up and coming Internet Marketing Specialist. She takes care of data recollection, SEO, site tasks and pretty much anything we can throw at her. She’s very reserved, but loves working for eWebResults and is quick to learn something new.


Fun fact, Vicky’s bilingual and is completely obsessed with cars and big machines. She has her degree in Industrial Maintenance Engineering and a Technical Degree in Automotive Repair and Engine Sports Tuning. She’s also very adept with everything related to computer hardware and technology with a strong base in programming and software.


She also works from her home in Venezuela, where she gets to spend her day keeping her little dog Mikah company. In her free time, she plays military simulators and zombie video games with her husband, and absolutely loves cooking and baking. In order to eat more chocolate, she  continues to work out regularly and reads up on nutrition and fitness. Oddity shows are another one of her favorites, which freaks her husband out and sometimes make him wonder about her sanity.

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