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A website is your virtual front office. It’s a place where your customers visit and have their first interaction with your business. And it’s also a place where you can make your first impression count.

All you need now is a plan.

Web Development, web design agency

Who is eWebResults?

Web Development, web design agency

eWebResults is a Houston-based digital web development agency pushing the boundaries of design with modern, forward-thinking websites and eCommerce solutions.

We understand our client’s requirements and leverage their business with our comprehensive planning, design, development and SEO teams.

As a reputed web design agency, we combine exceptional design and strategy with attractive color schemes, images, fonts, and engaging content to design a site that rocks.

Read on to find out what makes our web design in Houston different.

Web Development, web design agency

Work With Our Professional Houston Web Design Team

Our web designers work hard to deliver the right aesthetic, functional and navigation blend to improve your online presence. We balance technology and creativity with web design layouts that are easy to navigate. 

Web Development, web design agency

Below is the methodology we undertake:


Get a preview of your website design. With mockups, our web designers breathe life into all the complex website elements. You get to experience the look and feel down to the finest details of font, color themes, layouts, and content.

We review and finalize the web design after thorough discussions and feedback with our experts. Using mockups, we execute engaging websites that guarantee high conversions while saving you time and hassle.

  • Cost-efficient process
  • Customized designs and layouts
  • Conversion centric approach

Responsive Web Design

Nearly 60% of web searches originate from phones. A responsive design increases your reach to customers on all mobile devices.It is also easy to view across all devices and important if you don’t want to lose out to competition.

Responsive web design ensures a consistent user experience and retention. Your customers enjoy a seamless browsing experience with flexible grids and layouts that make it easy to use your site.

  • Optimizeddisplay across all mobile devices
  • Interactive websites
  • Greater customer reach

User Interface

Customers don’t spend a lot of time on websites that are difficult to navigate. On the other hand, even a simple web design is very impactful if it has a user-friendly interface.

We use low-fidelity wireframes, storyboarding and user flows at the initial development stages. It helps us create a user-friendly interface that will convert your visitors into loyal clients.

  • Streamlined user flow
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Compelling and efficient designs

User Experience (UX)

User experience is what visitors feel when they use your website:frustration, joy, excitement, etc. Our web design company focuses on the usabilityand ease ofoperating a website.

We strive to deliver a satisfying browsing experience with a simple and appealing website. Our web designers help you create a memorable user experience for higher customer retention.

  • User-oriented web design
  • Simplistic approach
  • Usability testing

Custom Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is an integral part of your business and marketing campaign. Our talented designers craft eye-catching logos, web banners, infographics, and more that help you create a solid brand identity.

We give your customers a personalized experience. We use high resolution images, videos, and graphics to enhance your brand reputation.

  • Logo design
  • High resolution graphics
  • Brand identity

SEO Strategy

We optimize your website for topics and keywords that help customers find you online. Our copywriters use relevant long-tail keywords to improve search rankings and increase conversions. We use solid SEO strategies to make your website search-friendly with organized web content.

  • Search-friendly website
  • Professionally written and beautifully organized
  • Effective and relevant content

Scalable Services

We offer a full range of digital marketing solutions. Our business is to help you grow your business. From web development to web hosting, we have vast expertise in all areas of developing your digital reputation.

  • Comprehensive digital marketing solutions
  • Lead generation
  • Social integration

Maintenance and Support

Developing and maintaining a website can be a difficult task. Get it right and it could do wonders for your business. Even the simplest website has a complex code that is susceptible to glitches and imperfections.

Get it wrong and you will have literally flushed thousands of dollars down the drain. We deal with the technical upgrades involved in maintaining stable websites. Our uninterrupted services provide you with updated content on dynamic web pages.

  • Retain customers
  • Maintain search rankings
  • Upgrades and updates

Web Development Process: How it Works

Web Development, web design agency

Our full-service team of marketing strategists, designers, and developers build high converting websites that typically see an increase of 200% at launch.

  1. Strategy & Consulting 

Our strategists conduct in-depth research on your business, from customers to competitors. We design customized strategies using target audience analysis and user mapping. Our strategies aim to connect your customers to your business.

  • Planning

Equipped with this information and your direction, we plan your website structure, content strategy, and define roles. We create budgets and allocate resources based on the estimate. This is perhaps the most underrated and crucial phase of development.

  • Design

We move the information outlined in the planning phase towards a visual reality. With the help of wireframes and mockups, we modify the sitemap and website blueprints to design a responsive website. It also involves content review and creation to flesh out the website with an action-driven design.

  • Development

In the development phase, we do the bulk of coding and programming. We load the content to the website framework while keeping constant checks to ensure we don’t depart from the approved plans.

Our web design experts assess the visual elements using tools like mood boards, style tiles, and element collages to determine the efficacy of the design and the appeal to your potential customers.

  • Testing and Deployment

Our web designers perform many walkthroughs to identify broken links and assess the user experience. We use a combination of manual browsing on different devices and automatic site crawlers.

We conduct a complete website review to test functionality, polish design, and optimize content. Our web designer shows you a preview of the site before its launch. We make modifications to the design based on your feedback. The website is finally launched after running final diagnostics.

  • Post Launch

Once you are satisfied with the website, we hand over the charge to your team. We always train business owners on how to handle the Content Management Systems to ensure the website runs smoothly.

Our team communicates all the requisite information and instructions on plug-in updates, backups, and security, etc. We also provide you a copy of the source codes, the soft copy of the site map, and any other relevant documentation.

We are always available to assist you with any future Maintenance and Support requirements, including:

  • Post-launch analysis, tracking and reporting to ensure optimized web content for search ranking.
  • Social integration to remain relevant and enhance conversion.

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Web Development, web design agency
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